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Eye of Hezen
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Hezen Collective


Vex Mind



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World of Machines


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The Eye of Hezen is the second to last boss in the World of Machines raid, and is certainly a unique Vex as well.


The Eye of Hezen is no normal Vex. It is a sentry for Hezen, Collective Mind and serves to defend it at all costs. Its eye is large and round, and it sits atop a spire made of Vex brass. It is also surrounded by tentacles made out of pure radiolaria, similar to the ones that Hezen itself has.


When the encounter begins, the Eye of Hezen will rise from the middle of the pool of radiolaria in the centre of the room. 10 tentacles will also rise from the pool and surround the boss. The room will soon begin filling with Radiolarian Goblins and players will have to kill them in waves, while also avoiding blows from the Eye of Hezen's tentacles.

After killing the first wave of Goblins, five platforms will rise from the radiolaria around the centre platform in the room. Every 30 seconds, players will get a debuff from the boss called 'Radiolarian Poisoning'. You can tell a player is poisoned by looking at their body. If their body is glowing white, then they are poisoned. To clear the debuff a player must stand on one of the platforms that extended, and they have 30 seconds to do it.

For the fifth player to clear their debuff, they must kill three of the Goblins and pick up a ball dropped from the third one. The player must throw the ball at the boss's eye, and then it will be cleared. The players must repeat this twice before a Radiolarian Harpy spawns. The Harpy is still defeated in the same way, and it will still drop an Arc Charger. Two players must have the Arc Charger and the Chargers only get one shot each. Both players must fire the charger at the boss's eye, and the tentacles guarding it will part allowing for damage. The players get 40 seconds to damage the boss, and players will repeat this until the boss is defeated.


  • The Eye of Hezen is classed as a Cyclops.
    • The Eye of Hezen is the only Cyclops that does not shoot at the player.