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Hezen, Collective Mind
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Hezen Collective


Axis Mind



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World of Machines


Aeon Maul
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Summon Transitioners
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Radiolarian tentacle swarm
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Hezen, Collective Mind is a powerful Vex Axis Mind Harpy that is believed to be the leader of both the Hezen Protective and the Hezen Corrective. Hezen also serves as the final boss for the World of Machines Raid.


Hezen is a large Harpy that is able to use its radiolaria to trap victims and turn them into Vex.


Like other raid bosses, Hezen is invulnerable until players initiate a damage phase. To initiate a damage phase, players must kill Transitioners and pick up the orbs they drop, then put the orbs in the designated conflux like in the first encounter of the raid. This time there are four conluxes.

Getting four orbs in the confluxes will cause Hezen to begin charging its wipe ability, in which players have 30 seconds to kill all ads around Hezen. If the players take 5 minutes to get the orbs to their confluxes then it will also charge its wipe ability, this time there is no stopping it.

When Hezen gets down to one-third health left, it will switch from its heavy Slap Rifle to an Aeon Maul. It will also gain a shield that players must use void craniums to destroy. Players must kill Radiolarian Goblins to get the void craniums.

If players get too close to Hezen, its shell will rotate, and it will strike out at the player with one of its tentacles, causing lasting damage as if the player was standing in a pool of radiolaria.


  • Hezen is the only Vex that seems to speak somewhat intelligible speech, however if Hezen is speaking a language it is not known which language it is speaking. Hezen also makes mechanical sounds like other Vex
  • Hezen is the only Harpy seen using Aeon Mauls, which are commonly used by Hydras
  • Hezen is the second Ultra Harpy fought in a raid.

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