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Protective Mind
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The Protective Mind is the sole mind for the Hezen Protective, which means it is responsible for all of their actions.


The Protective Mind is a splinter of Hezen; created in order to perform specific tasks, such as guarding The Citadel, guarding the gate at the Endless Steps, and the construction of more Vex structures on Venus. It leads the Hezen Protective as a whole.


(The Protective Mind is fought alongside the Corrective Mind)

To start this boss encounter all six players must step on a sync plate that isn't far from the entrance to the room. This will cause the Protective Mind to spawn. Once the Mind is finished spawning players must survive fire from its Torch Hammer for 15 seconds before the Corrective Mind. Once both Minds have spawned they will punch the walls next to them three times, and then the walls will disappear.

In the larger room players will have to kill two Ultra Cyclopes that sit on the new walls on the sides of the room. Killing the Cyclopes will cause two Radiolarian Harpies to spawn and will also expose to rings of energy below them. To kill the Harpies, players must shoot a red light on each of its wings, exposing its eye. Once its eye is exposed, players must shoot the eye until it is destroyed. Killing it will drop a weapon called an 'Arc Charger'.

While some players go after the Harpies, the rest must stop Vex from sacrificing to a conflux in the centre of the room. If 10 Vex sacrifice, then the conflux will explode and kill all the players causing them to restart the encounter. The bosses also have a wipe mechanic that triggers after two and a half minutes after the walls dissolve. Ten seconds will be added to the timer every time a Radiolarian Harpy is killed.

When a player has the Arc Charger they must fire it at the rings of energy underneath where the Cyclopes were. It is recommended that players only use each Arc Charger once, as each one only has two shots and they must also be used to initiate the damage phase. Once both of the rings of energy have been destroyed, a spire will form with a white ball at the top. Players with the Arc Charger must shoot the ball, giving the players a damage phase that lasts 20 seconds. Shooting the ball with both Arc Chargers causes the damage phase to last 30 seconds.

Players will repeat until both minds are dead. If players kill the Corrective Mind first, the Protective mind will gain a shield, a damage boost, and a health boost. If players kill the Protective Mind first, it will go berzerk and chase players around the room rather than staying in the middle.


  • If the players take too long to kill the two minds; they will use their wipe ability. During the wipe, the Corrective Mind jams the blades of its Torch Hammer into the ground. The players will be thrown to the sides of the map, and the Protective Mind will reconstruct the walls, trapping and killing the players inside.