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Linear fusion rifles are high-powered Fusion rifles that fire a single, powerful beam of energy across longer distances, rather than a mid-range burst of multiple bolts, making them more similar to Sniper rifles. They are classified as Power weapons, and can be infused with both other linear fusion rifles or regular fusion rifles.

Destiny 2 Year One[edit]




Destiny 2 Year Two[edit]



  • Linear fusion rifles may be an extrapolation of the Sleeper Simulant introduced in The Taken King, a unique fusion rifle that was classified as a Heavy weapon and also fired a single, long range shot.
    • This is semi-confirmed by the return of Sleeper Simulant in the Warmind DLC, which is also classified as a Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.
  • The operation of a Linear Fusion Rifle mimics that of the Spartan Laser, a heavy weapon found in Bungie's Halo series.
  • Another similarity is to that of the Queenbreakers' Bow which was an exotic Fusion Rifle, and fired a single bolt across long distances, albeit with a scope instead of the red dot that accompanies Linear FRs.

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