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Socales, Gate Keeper
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Socales, Gate Keeper is the first boss of the World of Machines raid. Socales was tasked with defending the gate at the Endless Steps after the defeat of Zydron, Gate Lord and the arrival of Hezen, Collective Mind.


Socales is a large Minotaur that doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the Hezen Collective due to the colour of its body. Most Hezen Collective Vex are brass and white, where Socales is a mixture of grays and red.

The gate at the Endless Steps on Venus led to an area deep inside the planet where Hezen was converting the planet to a machine world. Socales was tasked with defending the gate after Zydron was defeated. Where Zydron didn't put up much of a fight, Socales was far more powerful and proves a challenge.


To start the encounter, players must defeat a group of Goblins and step on the plate that was used to summon Zydron in Destiny 1. After standing on the plate for 10 seconds, Socales will appear. He takes about 10 seconds to assemble, giving players enough time to get where they need to be.

At the start of the fight, three Transitioners will spawn. Killing a transitioner requires only one player, though two would be helpful. When a player gets close to a Transitioner, it will trap the player in a field of radiolaria that damages the player. Four white glowing spots will show up on the Transitioner, one on each shoulder, and one on each thigh. Destroying those will allow the player(s) 5 seconds to kill it before its shield regenerates.

While three players kill the Transitioners, three confluxes will spawn around the staircase. One player must be at each conflux in order to stop Vex from sacrificing to them. One conflux will look normal, one will be pulsating, and one will look real smooth rather than the edged appearance of the normal conflux.

Killing a Transitioner will drop an orb that corresponds to a conflux. Players have 30 seconds to bring the orb to a conflux before they die from being damaged by the orb in their hands. Placing an orb in the wrong conflux will kill the player with the orb and the player at the conflux. Placing all three orbs in the correct confluxes will initiate a damage phase that lasts until Socales loses a fourth of its health. After the damage phase the Transitioner hunters will switch places with the conflux guards, and the process is repeated until Socales is killed.


  • Socales's head looks more similar to the head of Panoptes, Infinite Mind than a normal Minotaur.
  • The mechanics from the fight with Socales are used all throughout the raid.
  • The way Socales comes out form the gate is the exact same as Zydron.

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