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Aphix Subjective
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Secure Sol System from enemy factions
Convert Sol System to machine system
Assist other collectives with the same goals

Axis Minds:

Living Gate, Aphix Subjective
Katasoan, Collective Mind
Socales, Gate Keeper
Estrion, Subjugated Curator


Sinking City
World of Machines
House of Hunters


The Aphix Subjective is a Vex programming collective that roams around the entire Sol System. They are very similar in appearance to the Aphix Invasive, but have different goals. They are also seen working alongside the Fallen House of Hunters through their control of the Living Gate.


The Aphix Subjective were created to clear the Sol system of the Vex's enemies, or, whatever they perceive as a threat. Similar to the Aphix Invasive or the Sol Collective, they are seen in multiple different locations around the system, but are mostly found in places where the Vex aren't usually seen, such as Earth or Titan.

As the Aphix Subjective focus on planets not controlled by the Vex, their presence on actual Machine worlds is extremely limited. They will usually never be encountered alongside other collectives except for some rare cases like Socales, Gate Keeper.

Golden Aftermath[edit]

Some time after the Golden Age, the Aphix Subjective began to have a presence on Europa, though they had no association with the Sol Collective or with the events that happened there during the Golden Age. During their time on Europa they established a fortress known as the Conversion Terminus. The Subjective left a number of Axis Minds to control, and continued on their sweep of the Sol system.

The Minds left behind conversed with the Sol Collective, and multiple members of the Subjective traversed the portal in the Glassway, entering the Vex Forge System of 2082 Volantis. With the Subjective's presence at the Forge Star, they began to control a number of Transcendent Hydras, including one similar in strength to Belmon, Transcendent Mind itself.

Collective Assistance[edit]

Some time after the defeat of Atheon, Time's Conflux, another Vex mind of the Hezen Collective rose to complete the transformation of Venus into a Machine world. The Aphix Subjective offered one of their own to take the place of Zydron, Gate Lord at the Endless Steps, and so Socales, Gate Keeper became a protector of Hezen.

During this time, the Aphix Subjective also took control of a Hezen Collective structure outside of the Ishtar Sink, known only as the Subjective Station. The Collective Minds of the Aphix Subjective deployed multiple Axis Minds to guard the station, and keep its purpose unclear from the other forces that occupied Venus.

The House of Hunters[edit]

Though the Subjective have had multiple encounters with other species when it came to clearing positions across the system, one enemy encounter against the Fallen stood out in particular. A large force of Fallen belonging to the House of Hunters was locked in battle with the Subjective's forces as they were passing by Mars. The Mind leading the Vex force at the time was a Minotaur known as the Living Gate

Three high ranking members of the Hunters' force, Rhetiks, Captain Ralkaa, and Commander Vassek were able to disable the Living Gate without killing it. With the Living Gate down, the Subjective temporarily retreated to regather their strength. The House of Hunters took the Living Gate as well as many dead Vex frames with them to the Tangled Shore, where they would begin reverse-engineering the Vex technology they had found.

Unlikely Partnership[edit]

With enough knowledge of the Vex, the House of Hunters were able to take control of the Living Gate, and use it to communicate with the rest of the collective. The House of Hunters offered the Collective Minds of the Subjective a partnership. The House of Hunters would assist the Subjective in discovering enemy positions and taking them out, while the Subjective would assist the Hunters with security and provide additional forces for them when battles broke out.

As the proposed partnership would further the Subjective's goals, they accepted, and released the Living Gate to be controlled by Kaephis, Kell of Hunters. While Kaephis had control over many of the Subjective's Vex, the majority of the Subjective's forces remained under the control of the Collective Minds.

Search for the Subjective Complex[edit]

During their time with the House of Hunters, the Living Gate found an ancient Vex structure on Earth outside of the Sinking City. The Living Gate presented Kaephis with it, and told him that uncovering it and activating it was its current goal, and Kaephis then began diverting resources to finding the structure. Living Gate did not provide Kaephis with the actual location of the structure, as at the time it did not actually know, but instead displayed images of a snowy area.

Kaephis searched through his database and found the Cosmodrome and the Plaguelands. He didn't inform his people of his true intentions, as most of them didn't agree with his decision to work with the Vex, but he did tell Rhetiks. For everyone else that he knew would notice the invasion, he decided to tell them that he was looking to recover SIVA from the buried Site 6. Rhetiks took a small group of people and scouted the Plaguelands for the Vex structure, but they were met only with resistance from Rasputin and the Guardians. Rhetiks told Kaephis about the fierce resistance, and Kaephis organised a complete Vex invasion of the Plaguelands.

Hundreds of Vex began to show up in the Plaguelands the day after Rhetiks scouted it, and they fought against Rasputin's Frames. The battle lasted hours with the combined forces of the Vex and the Fallen, and eventually they were able to take over the Plaguelands.

After they had achieved control of the Plaguelands, the Subjective began teleporting massive Spires from Mercury to Earth. The House of Hunters began to move the majority of their forces to the Plaguelands, while the Aphix Subjective kept a small but sizeable presence there, as they had other things to focus on.

The Curators[edit]

As the Vex of the Sol Divisive began to establish a presence on Earth's Moon, so did the Aphix Subjective. Within The Outer Nexus, the Collective Minds created an Axis Mind known as Estrion, Subjective Curator. Estrion was able to oversee multiple Vex offensives from its place inside the Vex network, and it began its focus on Earth's Moon.

Estrion created another Axis Mind to control known as Antithon, Subjective Enforcer and sent it out to battle the Hive that had dug tunnels deep underneath the surface of the Moon. While under Estrion's control, Antithon was successful in driving the Hive forces back.

Estrion's efficiency was noticed by the Collective Minds, and they soon created another Axis Mind similar to Estrion in power and abilities. Oliphaes, Subjective Curator was created to oversee the construction of a fortress known as Bastion in the area cleared out by Estrion and its enforcers. The fortress was identical in design to the Conversion Terminus on Europa, but it had no discernable entrances. It could only be entered by the Vex through their use of teleportation.

With Oliphaes now overseeing the Subjective's efforts on the Moon, Estrion sent out its enforcers on other enemy positions across the system. While Estrion would be purely focused on combat, Oliphaes would be construction.

Fall of the Plaguelands[edit]

The Vex and Fallen occupation of the Plaguelands didn't last for long. They were attacked by a combined force of Awoken fighters aligned with Rasputin's Frames. The Fallen began to evacuate the Plaguelands as the Awoken destroyed the spires, while Rasputin's Frames kept the Fallen and Vex defenders distracted.

The House of Hunters and Aphix Subjective were eventually pushed out of the Plaguelands with considerable losses on both sides. The Vex were able to destroy an Awoken controlled Ketch, and a Guardian working with Rasputin was able to kill Rhetiks. The House of Hunters were devastated by the death of Rhetiks, but the Vex were able to discern where the structure they were looking for was located.

The Sinking City[edit]

The Vex discovered the location of the complex they were searching for. It was buried underneath a massive ice shelf outside of a city in Greenland known as the Sinking City. The city itself was under the control of the House of Dusk, and the Subjective assisted the Hunters in clearing the city and taking it over for themselves. With the House of Dusk pushed back, the House of Hunters began efforts to dig the structure out of the ice shelf.


The Aphix Subjective are similar in design to the Aphix Invasive. Most of their frames are coloured red and black, and they all have spiky protrusions on their heads. Despite their similarities, they do have their differences. The eyes of the Aphix Subjective Vex are yellow rather than the conventional red, and the frames differ in colouration with rank. While Minor frames will be dark red, Majors and most non-unique Ultras will be either red and black, or completely black.

Notable Members[edit]

  • Collective Minds
    • Katasoan, Collective Mind
    • Tarkon, Collective Mind
    • Koreos, Collective Mind
  • Minds in league with the Hezen Collective
    • Socales, Gate Keeper
    • Inusannon, Subjective Mind
    • Enkatas, Stationary Mind
    • Krioktos, Stationary Mind
    • Entropos, Stationary Mind
    • Sarsion, Stationary Mind
    • Interas, Stationary Mind
    • Adunos, Stationary Mind
  • Minds in league with the Sol Collective
    • Overos, Guardian of the Terminus
    • Oberon, Guardian of the Terminus
    • Antykrios, Guardian of the Terminus
    • Entios, Terminus Mind
    • Darmon, Nexus Mind
    • Lekrophos, Transcendent Mind
    • Senthos, Unyielding Mind
    • Dekron, Protective Mind
    • Carthrios, Protective Mind
    • Parkios, Terminus Mind
    • Etraon, Invasive Mind
    • Postophes, Subjective Mind
    • Mesrodion, Conversion Mind
  • Minds in league with the House of Hunters
  • Minds under the control of Estrion, Subjugated Curator and Oliphaes, Subjugated Curator
    • Jestron, Subjugated Mind
    • Elephes, Subjugated Mind
    • Pescitas, Subjugated Mind
    • Teophage, Subjugated Mind
    • Sortus, Subjugated Mind
    • Ensitas, Subjugated Mind
    • Antithon, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Escates, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Oritas, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Zoriphage, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Teros, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Inuros, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Inshatae, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Teradon, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Clerios, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Atenos, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Thero, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Arkyx, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Orion, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Krestyx, Subjugated Enfrocer
    • Antiphage, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Idios, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Amogus, Subjugated Enforcer
    • Karaton, Network Mind
    • Inschritas, Network Mind
    • Sekros, Network Mind
    • Renelon, Network Mind
    • Hesduros, Network Mind
    • Strennus, Network Mind
    • Entios, Network Mind
    • Thekrios, Invasive Mind

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