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Estrion, Subjugated Curator
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Estrion, Subjugated Curator is a Vex Mind Minotaur that resides within The Outer Nexus and oversees Vex offensives in the physical world.


Estrion was originally created as Estrion, Subjective Curator as a Mind to oversee attacks on enemies of the Vex all over the Sol System. It has to ability to create and control lesser Vex Minds that it uses to attack enemies, known as Enforcers.


Estrion's first mission was to clear out a section of the Hive's tunnels underneath Earth's Moon, and establish a permanent presence for the Aphix Subjective. It created its first Enforcer, Antithon, Subjective Enforcer, and took control of it to eliminate the Hive. Antithon and its lesser Vex frames were eventually able to clear an incredibly large portion of the tunnels, and then they began construction of a fortress known as Forum:Bastion.

While another Vex Mind was created to construct Bastion, Estrion was sent to Mars to eliminate the Cabal there that the Virgo Prohibition had failed to do so. It brought Antithon back out and used it to attack the Exclusion Zone while creating another enforcer known as Escates, Subjective Enforcer. Estrion then took control of Escates while Antithon fought the Cabal on its own. With the combined power of both Enforcers, Estrion was able to push the Cabal out of the Exclusion Zone.

With the Cabal Exclusion Zone removed, Estrion set its sights on Hellas Basin and invaded the Hive's tunnels under the surface. It used Escates and Antithon again to deal with the Hive, as well as creating another enforcer. Oritas, Subjective Enforcer was used to quickly move through the Hive tunnels and eliminate the Hive's presence. While Antithon and Escates were both Minotaurs, Oritas was a Harpy, and was able to move quickly at the cost of strength. Estrion eventually withdrew its Enforcers when enough of the Hive were dealt with, and left its lesser Vex frames to finish off the Hive on Mars.

The Subjugation[edit]

With the arrival of Savathûn, the Witch Queen in the Sol system, Quria, Blade Transform took control of the Vex forces within the Vex network, including Estrion and its enforcers. Estrion, Subjective Curator turned into Estrion, Subjugated Curator, and its Enforcers followed the name change as well.

Even though Estrion was now under Quria's control, it still primarily served the Collective Minds of the Aphix Subjective. Quria diverted Estrion's attention back to the Moon, where it would continue its offensive against the Hive. Estrion began its attack in the Lunar Battlegrounds and began removing the Hive until it encountered a group of Cabal and Fallen.

The Cabal and Fallen were working together, and they were able to take out a large number of Estrion's forcers (including multiple Wyverns) before Estrion sent out Antithon to take out the Cabal and Fallen. Antithon was able to overpower their forces until a large Psion named Krevix showed up. Krevix had taken a short range teleporter, and used it to get the advantage over Antithon, teleporting away from most of its attacks. As Estrion and its Enforcers had never encountered teleporting Cabal, they had to adjust their attacks.

However, they didn't have enough time to analyse Krevix's attacks, and Antithon was eventually destroyed by the Psion. The Psion and its forces began to loot the dead Vex for parts, and then they left. After Krevix's departure, Estrion released Escates onto the Moon. Estrion used Escates to invade the Scarlet Keep and capture members of the Hidden Swarm to use for simulations.

Escates was able to capture a large number of Hive before being attacked by a Guardian named Glacier-1. Glacier fought through the overwhelming Vex forces with ease, and fought Escates across the bridge that led into the Keep. After a long fight, Glacier destroyed Escates, and took its mind core before leaving the Keep. After the destruction of two of its Enforcers, Estrion began to temporarily pull its forces back.

Estrion created another Enforcer, Zoriphage, Subjugated Enforcer, and used it alongside Oritas to continue its assault on the Hive.


  • Estrion's appearance is the exact same as the Subjugated Curator fought in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer, but differs in colouration as it belongs to the Aphix Subjective rather than the Sol Collective.
  • Estrion's corruption from Quria is presently unknown the Subjective's Collective Minds.
  • Estrion's ability to control its Enforcers is based off of Harbinger's ability to take control of the Collectors in Mass Effect 2.

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