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Commander Vassek
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Commander Vassek is a powerful Stasis user within the ranks of the House of Hunters. He was an efficient commander of the House's Vex forces, and lead their war against the Obsidian Reapers.


Early Life[edit]

Vassek began his life not long after the Whirlwind as a member of the House of Wolves. Ever since his younger years he had been obsessed with machines and technology. As the Wolves entered the Sol system, Vassek took part in the Reef Wars and served aboard a Ketch that was taken down during the siege of 2 Pallas.

Vassek barely survived the destruction of his Ketch, coming out with severe wounds, some of which could not be treated. Vassek was given a heavy suit of armour that could keep him alive and fighting, and it even let him fight better than he had been able to before. Vassek survived the rest of the war and escaped being captured and brought to the Prison of Elders by going to the Tangled Shore and living his life as a mercenary.

A Vicious Mercenary[edit]

After the Reef Wars, Vassek was assumed dead. The one who wore the heavy suit of power armour wasn't someone anyone recognized, even the name Vassek didn't ring any bells. Vassek worked from the shadows for anyone who paid him well enough, from The Spider to the various Fallen Houses on the Shore at the time.

As time moved on and he killed more people on the Shore he developed a love for fighting and killing, sometimes he worked to assassinate targets without receiving any payment. But the money he did make he spent on a warehouse and multiple machines to augment himself. He docked his own lower arms and replaced them with mechanical ones that could hide weapons in them, he made himself a voice filter to sound more intimidating and also so his voice would never be recognized.

The Hunters[edit]

As Vassek roamed the Shore during time off he came across a very small outpost belonging to a Fallen House he hadn't encountered before. Rather than attacking them, he was curious. The Fallen at the base brought Vassek in mostly out of fear, Vassek's appearance and voice intimidated them so much they didn't want him destroying them. As Vassek was brought in he was introduced to Rhetiks, and Rhetiks introduced them as the House of Hunters.

Vassek's love for not only fighting but also technology intrigued Rhetiks, and once Rhetiks heard Vassek was a mercenary he hired him on the spot. Vassek joined the House of Hunters and was soon brought off the Shore for the first time in years, sending him to Mars to assist in the capture of a Vex mind.

The Living Gate[edit]

In Vassek's first mission with the House of Hunters he was sent to Mars, where the Hunters' forces were locked in battle with a Vex Collective known as the Aphix Subjective. The Hunters weren't interested in fighting the Vex, but rather capturing them. At the head of the Vex's forces was a massive Minotaur only known to the Fallen as Living Gate, which was a Minotaur with a Vex time gate fastened under its chest.

Vassek fought alongside Rhetiks and Captain Ralkaa to temporarily disable the Vex mind and bring it back to their outpost at the Tangled Shore. The first battle Vassek took part in with the Hunters gained Kaephis's attention, and Vassek was brought to Huntership Krenthar-Fel where Kaephis would watch Vassek's skills as a warrior.

Kaephis was surprised at Vassek's viciousness, but allowed Rhetiks to continue paying Vassek to work for them. Once Vassek had gained Kaephis's favour he was instructed to return to the Tangled Shore and assist Rhetiks and Vais in reverse-engineering the Vex technology they had taken from Mars.

The Commander[edit]

Once the House of Hunters was able to take control of the Vex mind, they were able to communicate with the Vex themselves. Kaephis was able to gain the favour of a much larger Vex mind, and align themselves with the Aphix Subjective Vex. Vassek was among a few of the Hunter's forces given control over the Vex, earning Vassek the title of Commander.

The Usurper[edit]

Years after Vassek's induction into the House of Hunters, Kaephis had been killed at the hands of a Guardian Raid team aboard Huntership Krenthar-Fel, which was stationed above the Sinking City. With the death of Kaephis, the Vex belonging to the House of Hunters turned on them, and either left or killed their respective commanders. Vassek was fortunate enough to be on his own when the alignment with the Vex had ended.

Kaephis's death had also thrown the House of Hunters into chaos, with every high ranking member fighting to claim the seat of power Kaephis left behind, and though Vassek also fought to lead the House, he had a different approach. Vassek had followed a skiff from the Cosmodrome all the way to Europa where he encounted the House of Salvation.

By the time Vassek reached Europa, Eramis, Kell of Darkness had already been slain by The Guardian. The very same Guardian that killed Kaephis. But Vassek didn't care, when Salvation's forces stood in his way he cut them down. During his visit to Europa he entered a cave system underneath the Asterion Abyss where he encountered a Crux of Darkness. Through the Crux of Darkness he was given a Splinter of Darkness, and took it back to the remains of the Sinking City.

Vassek was able to create his own system for using the power the Splinter of Darkness gave him, he was able to use Stasis to cut down the other Fallen fighting for the place of Hunter Kell, and take the spot for himself. As the new Kell of the House of Hunters, Vassek made it his first priority to take revenge on the Guardians that killed Kaephis.


  • Commander Vassek is named after a planet in Star Wars under the same name.
  • Commander Vassek's appearance is based off Eramis's dark council from Beyond Light, most notable his helmet. This was done to associate him with other Fallen Stasis users.