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Ultra Ketch



Enemy factions:

House of Hunters
Aphix Subjective

Connecting areas:

Landing Zone F-1

Area type:


Public Events:


Patrol beacons:



Huntership Krenthar-Fel, or better known as the Ultra Ketch, is the flagship of the House of Hunters, as well as their main base. It is seen in the sky during the Landing Zone F-1 and Prime Target Strikes and it is accessible during the House of Hunters Raid.


  • Although the Prime Servitor of the House of Hunters is Sevis Prime, the ship is named after a Fallen named Krenthar. Krenthar was actually the father of Kaephis, Kell of Hunters before he was killed in the Whirlwind. Kaephis named the ship after his father rather than the Prime Servitor because he felt it meant more to him.