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Kaephis, Kell of Hunters
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House of Hunters









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House of Hunters


Shrapnel Launcher
Scorch Cannon


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Kaephis is the Kell of the House of Hunters, a powerful Fallen House that utilizes Vex technology. He commands the his house from his ship, only known as the Ultra Ketch. He personally watches over the Ultra Shank, Vais, Hunter Splicer, Sevis Prime, and his personal Vex pet, Living Gate, Aphix Subjective. He also serves as the final boss of the House of Hunters raid.


Early Life[edit]

Kaephis has lived for a long time, since before the Eliksni were even graced by the Great Machine. During his early years he was a hunter, and he was a part of the House of Judgement up until the time of the Whirlwind.

When the Great Machine left, Kaephis left the House of Judgement, and built his own house with the intent of restarting the Eliksni civilization without help from the Light. He named his house the House of Hunters after his old occupation.

Before the Hunters left, Kaephis's father was killed at the hands of the forces causing the Whirlwind, making him enraged. Kaephis left with multiple ships, and thousands of Eliksni loyal to him, they all followed him and his quest to live apart from the Great Machine.


Kaephis and his House explored the galaxy in search of a new place to call home, and they came across a habitable planet about a year or so after the Whirlwind.

As the House of Hunters explored the galaxy and slowly grew, they came across a planet known as Kardos. It was home to an alien species called the Karsch that had advanced on their own without even knowing what the Great Machine was. One of the three ships in the Hunters' fleet at the time broke down and crashed into a large area of muddy plains.

Kaephis ordered his friend Vais to work on repairing the crashed ship while he sent his Archon and a search team to figure out what was on the planet, and see if they were able to call it home.

Eskar, the Archon, and his team had quickly found that the planet was already inhabited, but they were able to find a way to communicate with the Karsch people and bring them to help. Kaephis watched as the Karsch helped them out of the mud, but he ordered his forces to kill the Karsch helpers and take everything they owned.

Once the Karsch were dead, they left the planet. The Karsch pursued them to the edge of the system, but the Hunter forces made short work of them. Once the Karsch were killed and looted, they left the system.

The Twilight Planet[edit]

The Hunters arrived in a neighbouring system and immediately set out to explore it. Kaephis stayed on the throne room of his ketch, looking out at the system's twin suns. He ordered the crew to take them to the closest planet to them, and he sent out a team of three as scouts. A Vandal, Pelskis, and two Dregs, Diskar and Ralkaa.

While the scouts explored the planet, Kaephis got word from a Hunter Baron named Faltris about other Eliksni ships passing through the next system nearby. He immediately began organizing a raid to take their ships and everything aboard them. He sent Eskar and his raiding team to take the ships, with Faltris at the lead flying them in.

While Kaephis sent his forces on their hunt, the scouts returned. Only and Diskar and Ralkaa returned, Ralkaa explained that Pelskis was killed by a storm on the surface of the planet, though Kaephis figured he was bluffing. To Ralkaa's surprise, Kaephis had his docking caps removed, and he was permitted to regrow his arms. Kaephis never liked Pelskis, and he always knew Ralkaa was wrongfully docked. He was however, very hard on Diskar, as Diskar was the one that got his father killed during the Whirlwind.


When players make it to Kaehpis's encounter he starts off in his throne on the Ultra Ketch's bridge. When he stands up he will pull a Shrapnel Launcher off his back and begin fighting the players. Two beams of light will appear next to his throne and Dregs will begin pouring out. Killing 20 dregs from each beam will spawn either Shock Captain, Null Captain or Scorch Captain. Killing one of them drops their cannon. The cannons only have one shot.

On Kaephis's chest and back there will be a triangle that is either blue, purple, or orange, the colours corresponding with the cannons that the Captains drop. The players that do not have cannons must first take out Kaephis's shields before the players with the cannons can fire.The players with the cannons must hit the spots within 15 seconds of each other while the other players work on killing ads that come out of the doors to the bridge.

Once the players fire the cannons at Kaephis he will drop to his knees and hands, and the players have a minute and a half to repeat the process of getting the cannons. This time Kaephis's entire chest will glow a colour that corresponds with a cannon, same as his back. The players with the cannons also must shoot Kaephis within 3 seconds this time. Once Kaephis is hit he will sit up and players will be able to damage him.

The damage phase lasts 20 seconds and every 2 seconds an Oracle will appear somewhere above Kaephis. The players have 5 seconds to destroy the Oracle, or the damage phase will end. It is recommended to have at least one player watching for Oracles during the damage phase. Players will repeat the process until Kaephis is killed.

If the players take too long to kill Kaephis he will teleport out of the room along with his Fallen, and then the room will explode. Also when Kaephis gets down to half-health he will switch weapons to a Scorch Cannon.


  • "We've been waiting for you!"
  • "You destroyed my Vex! I will destroy you!"
  • "I have worked for ages on this House! I will not let it fall to you!"
  • "This is only our debut. You have only just found us, and now you will destroy us? I don't think so!"
  • "Not only I, but this House alone, is older than you Lightbearer. You can destroy me, but you won't destroy this House."


  • The horns on Kaephis's helmet are similar to the horns of a Precursor Hobgoblin, probably to show his connection to the Vex

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