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Biographical information


Eliksni homeworld


Sometime before the Whirlwind


After the hunt for Yaviks






12'6 (Fallen)
17'9 (Vex)

Eye color:

Blue (Fallen)
Red (Vex)

Political and military information


House of Hunters
House of Crows
Sol Convergent


Captain (House of Hunters)
Baron (House of Crows)
Axis Mind (Vex)


Captain (Fallen)
Minotaur (Vex)

Notable info:

A failed experiment discarded only to join another House and later be fully converted into a Vex


Diskar was a notable Fallen Captain in the House of Hunters before Vais, Hunter Splicer turned him into a half Fallen, half Vex monster. He was later killed at the hands of Seja and her team.



Diskar lived long before the Whirlwind, he Followed Kaephis and his associates for a long time and became a friend of theirs, though Kaephis did not like him very much.

When the Whirlwind happened, Diskar was among the few tasked with bringing survivors back to the Hunter ships, among the survivors he was supposed to protect was Krenthar, the father of Kaephis. Diskar left Krenthar and the others to fend for themselves while he headed for another group, he thought they were safe but when he came back to them he found they were killed. Kaephis was enraged when Diskar was returned, and his lower arms were docked.

Early Life[edit]

In his early life, Diskar was a raider for the House of Hunters along with other members such as Rhetiks. After Rhetiks was pulled out to become an Archon in light of the death of Eskar, Diskar was promoted to the leader of the raiding group, and was permitted to regrow his arms. He continued to be the leader of his group until the House of Hunters discovered the Vex.


After the House of Hunters discovered the Vex in the Solar System, Kaephis and Vais took up an interest in them. Kaephis sought to control the Vex while Vais wanted to use them to upgrade themselves. When Vais asked around, Diskar volunteered as he also began to take an interest in them.

After a few weeks of researching, Vais was finally able to begin experimenting on Diskar. Vais had Diskar's limbs completely submerged in radiolaria for an entire day straight. Once he was released, his limbs were a thin silver metal rather than the normal gray exoskeleton. Once Diskar had began exhibiting unstable mental patterns, Vais decided to have someone drop him off on Mars and leave him there to die.

House of Crows[edit]

Diskar wandered the sands of Mars until he came across another Fallen with no name. The Fallen saw the flaws in Diskar and took him in to form a new House of outcasts rather than joining the House of Exile. The two Fallen went on to recruit more Fallen to their house.

On Mars the two came across the crashed ship of Uldren Sov and they searched for him, eventually finding him in a cave. Instead of killing him, they recruited him to the House. They saw a unique leadership ability in him and they voted for him as their Kell, and the unnamed Fallen took up the name Uldiks.

Red War[edit]

Diskar and Uldiks worked together for years, eventually finding more Fallen like Levik and Elsavis. The House continued to grow until Uldren betrayed them above the EDZ during the Red War. Diskar escaped Uldren and went to Venus as his mind continued to tell him to go there, though he wasn't sure why.

Diskar went to Venus and followed hallucinations to The Citadel. When he went inside he felt his body transforming and his mind slowly slipping away. The last thing he remembered as a Fallen was being surrounded by Vex.

Hunt for the Scorn[edit]

After the Red War, the Scorn baron Yaviks, the Rider was after him. The Scorn assaulted the shores of Venus and the Vex Citadel until a team of Guardians, Awoken, and a Fallen showed up to kill them. After the battle and Yaviks was captured, Diskar teleported to their location to eliminate them. After a quick battle, Diskar was killed at the hands of the Guardians.


  • '"What are you doing Uldiks?"' Diskar upon seeing Uldiks holding Uldren by his neck.

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