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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Sol Collective


Conversion of Nessus, Io, Mercury, Europa and Neptune into Machine Worlds
Fulfill Vex simulations


Argos, Planetary Core
Belmon, Transcendent Mind
Brakion, Genesis Mind
Panoptes, Infinite Mind
Protheon, Modular Mind

At war with:

The Reef
House of Dusk
House of Salvation
House of Light
Red Legion
Cabal Deserters
Imperial Cabal
Shadow Legion
Sol Divisive

Allied with:

Taken (controlled by Quria)


Red War
Curse of Osiris
Season of Opulence
War of Salvation
Endless Night
Invasion of Neptune


The Sol Collective is a Vex programming collective found in the Arcadian Valley on Nessus, Echo Mesa on Io, the Fields of Glass on Mercury, on Europa, and on Neptune. These Vex have bronze frames with a seafoam patina, with some such as Storm Minotaurs and Vex Minds having a more pronounced patina.



According to the Drifter, the Sol Collective are the main overarching collective of Vex in the Solar System after having consolidated their subtypes as a result of the Guardians and their efforts against them on Mars and Venus. Their presence as a united front was previously undocumented as its members were not encountered until the Red War.

Evidence points that it is currently the largest Vex collective present in the system, due to how many Axis Minds are in charge of it. They may be direct descendants of the Precursors, who converted Mercury, due to their heavy presence on that planet.

They are also responsible for the conversion of Nessus into a Machine World and are attempting to do the same for Io. Strangely, it is unknown if they have a presence on Mars or Venus, both of which are hubs of Vex activity and incomplete Machine Worlds, though it is possible the Vex as a whole may have been driven off of Mars due to the efforts of the Red Legion. The Sol Collective have also inhabited Neptune at least since the Collapse. They would be unable to launch a direct assault on Neomuna due to the Veil's influence.

Red War[edit]

After the Red Legion's attack on Earth, they would begin to mobilize their forces to Nessus. The House of Dusk would also arrive to scavenge the remains of the Exodus Black. When the Guardian was ordered by Zavala to find Cayde-6 and Ikora Rey, they would arrive on Nessus to find the Hunter Vanguard. The Guardian would encounter and defeat forces of the Collective, and find Cayde-6 with the assistance of Failsafe.

The Sol Collective would later kidnap Failsafe after the Ghost planned to hack into the Nessus core. However the Guardian would track their location and free Failsafe from her cube construct. When the Guardian sought to learn about what had happened to two former members of the Exodus Black, they would go through challenges made by the Vex as part of a behavioural tests on Guardians, defeating a Warden and discovering the crew mates remains. Seeking to learn about the behaviour of the Fallen, the Collective would capture Fallen crews and promise them freedom in exchange for fighting to the death. However the Fallen would refuse and the Guardian would arrive shortly after and stop the experiment.

On Io, Collective forces led by Viadon, Inquisitor Mind would become interested in the Warmind Vault JYS-2, hoping to gain access to its secrets. However they would once again be stopped by the Guardian, who would bring an end to Viadon. With the death of Dominus Ghaul, the Red Legion were left leaderless, but not aimless. The Legion would capture Protheon, Modular Mind on Nessus for study, but a fireteam of Guardians would stop the Legion and destroy Protheon. Guardians would infiltrate the Pyramidion on Io and destroy its Axis Mind Brakion, Genesis Mind. Putting a dent into the Collective's plans.

Curse of Osiris[edit]

The Axis Mind of the Infinite Forest, Panoptes, Infinite Mind would begin to work towards a future where both Light and Darkness don't exist. This plan would be discover by exiled Vanguard commander Osiris who would send his Ghost Sagira to find help. Sagira was shot but would survive, now in a dormant state. She would be found by the Cult of Osiris on Mercury who would give her to the Hidden. The Guardian would merge Sagira's consciousness with their Ghost.

They would find Osiris reflections in the Infinite Forest, who would show them the future Panoptes was planning. Panoptes would appear but the Guardian and Sagira would escape. Ikora Rey sends the Guardian to the Pyramidion on Io to search for a map of the forest, they would attempt to defend the stronghold but we’re defeated. They discovered there was no map at the Pyramidion, but discover a schematic node.

When the Guardian returned to the forest and entered the Simulant Present they would fight their way through simulated Cabal, defeating the Simulated Commander they would receive the map. The Guardian destroys the Entangled Mind to receive its memory core. When the Guardian and Sagira arrived in the Simulant Past, they would attempt to search for Panoptes location. However Panoptes appeared, captured Sagira's consciousness and banished the Guardian out of the forest. The Guardian would re-enter the forest and confront Panoptes at the Infinity's Crown. Osiris and his reflections would later arrive to assist the Guardian. Despite its best efforts, Panoptes would be unable to defeat the Guardian and Osiris. The Infinite Mind would be destroyed and the future that the Vex were planing was stopped. Later the Leviathan would begin to consume chunks of Nessus, and Argos, Planetary Core and other Vex units were trapped inside. A six Guardian fireteam would arrive to assist the exiled Emperor Calus, and successfully destroy Argos. Halting the Collective's conversion of Nessus.

Breakout of the Prison of Elders[edit]

When Variks, the Loyal released every prisoner in the Prison of Elders. Members of the Collective who were captured by the Reef would be freed and begin to fight for the prisoners for control in the prison. The Guardian and Cayde-6 would arrive to stop the riot. However Cayde-6 would be killed and the Reef would be unable to regain control of the prison. Later a fireteam of a Guardians would arrive to end the chaos in the prison once and for all. The Collective would prove to be no match for the Lightbearers, as Apaktos, Oxidizing Mind and Edyx, Exothermic Mind would be destroyed, and the prisons Warden shortly after.

Recovery of the Forges[edit]

When Guardians were sent by Ada-1 to regain control of the Black Armory Forges. The Sol Collective would take control of the Izanami Forge on Nessus. Hoping to gain access to its technology. However the Guardian would arrive and retake the Forge from the Collective, destroying Aegion, Deductive Mind and Sublimating Mind, Forge Warden in the process.

Beyond Light[edit]

Guardians would begin to arrive on Europa due to the formation of the House of Salvation lead by Eramis, Kell of Darkness. The Vex would war with the House of Salvation and the Guardians, attempting to maintain strong control over Europa. Later Eramis would make her to the Glassway to open a Vex portal leading to 2082 Volantis. A Guardian fireteam would arrive to stop this but would fail as Vex forces led by Belmon, Transcendent Mind would arrive through the portal. Despite their number advantage, Belmon and its forces would be defeated and the portal was closed.

The Endless Night[edit]

The Taken Weaver of Savathûn, Quria, Blade Transform would create the Endless Night around the Last City, using the Oppressive Minds and their domains to help maintain the simulation. To bring an end to the Endless Night, the Vanguard would seek the help of the House of Light led by Mithrax, Kell of Light who was currently on Europa. Mithrax would send the Guardian through the Vex Domain to retrieve the Paradrome Cube. The House of Light would be granted refuge in the city shortly after to stop the Sol Collective's simulation.

The Guardian would arrive on Luna and defeat Portunos, Subjugated Mind. Despite the losses of Thesmotae, Subjugated Mind at the Tangled Shore and Fantis, Oppressive Mind at the Labyrinth, the simulation would continue to persist. Civilians of the city would begin to be affected by the Endless Night, and Taken blights would begin to appear. Quria would recreate multiple of the destroyed Axis Minds to continue the fight against the Guardians. Eventually Mithrax would discover that Quria was behind the Endless Night. The reborn Axis Minds would fall to the Guardian once more, and Mithrax would discover Quria's location. The Guardian would enter Quria's domain and bring an end to the Dreaming Mind, and the Endless Night would slowly deteriorate.

Some time after the destruction of Quria, Savathûn disguised as Osiris would teach Lakshmi-2 on how to open a Vex portal. Lakshmi-2 would open the portal in the Eliksni quarters and would be killed as the Sol Collective would launch an invasion of the Last City. However the Guardian would destroy the portal and the invasion would be stopped.


When Emperor Calus and his Shadow Legion launched an invasion of Neomuna to receive the Veil. The Sol Collective would take control of the room that controlled the power to the CloudArk, the place where the Neomunian civilians virtually lived. However the Guardian, who was sent by the Cloud Striders to restore power to the Cloudark would arrive and defeat Calixte, System Ward Finality to reboot the reactor.

Osiris would send the Guardian to destroy Vex units at Maya's retreat so they could gain a greater knowledge of Strand. They would succeed but they still did not complete understand the power. The Shadow Legion would begin sending Taken into the Vex network in hopes of infiltrating the Cloudark through the network so they could retrieve the Veil. Nimbus and Osiris would send a Guardian fireteam would arrive and infiltrate the network and defeating the Taken Axis Mind Parthenios, Drifting Mind. However it was revealed that Nezarec, Final God of Pain, the disciple that led the Collapse had returned, claiming the domain as his own and was haunting the people of Neomuna. The Collectives Network would once again be infiltrated by the Guardian, who would defeat them by using Strand.


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Sol Collective

Axis Minds



  • The Sol Vex collective is the main Vex collective in Destiny 2, the only other Vex collectives being the Descendants and the Precursors which are only located on Mercury and Nessus, and Sol Divisive on Luna and the Black Garden. [1]
  • Because this collective contains some of the entire Vex Collective's strongest and most important Axis Minds, as well as have an occupation on many planets, moons, and centaurs, it can be presumed this programming collective is the dominant collective in Sol.
  • Internal game files label these Vex as "vex_crusader". What this means is unknown.[citation needed]

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