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What if this deployment is actually reformated or older Aphix Invasive? They both are bronze-ish and their Hobgoblins has spikes on their horns. And it'd make since as the Invasive were rarely used in Destiny 1 so why not make them the main Vex of Destiny 2? And they have Suplicants and Fanatics which only Invasive have been showed to have!---Virgil the Ghost

I agree it might be the invasive and the hezen corrective have made a new collective of vex ( Arcansit)


The Hezen Corrective has brass chassis which only the Corrective have been shown to have. We may not have that much knowledge, but from Venus to Mercury and Nessus doesn't seem too far-fetched. stickParadox NiteOwl What god am I killing next? ~čøņśʊɱ̍ē ęñɥåñċë ɹêρłɨ̃ċąťΣ~