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Edited the page Pyramid (Luna)
"Added trivia about the Lunar Pyramid's odd green exterior lights."
Edited the page Pyramid (Europa)
"The interior of the Lunar Pyramid is also lit up, just with differing co..."
Edited the page Darkness
"Added to the "Trivia" portion about the SFX posted to Bungie's Twitter."
Edited the page Pyramids
"Changed note about size in "Overview". The Pyramids we've seen in-game s..."
Edited the page Pyramid (Europa)
"Removed part of secondary trivia. All Pyramids seen as of Beyond Light s..."
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Edited the page Pyramids
"Added trivia about the ending Red War cutscene's massive Pyramid seen at..."
Edited the page Pyramid (Europa)
"Removed trivia about it being the only known lit up Pyramid. All Pyramid..."
Edited the page Pyramids
"Removed a small bit about the size of the Io Pyramid in "The Darkness De..."
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Favorite Destiny moment

The Arrival. That or Taken King, that was pretty awesome.

Worst Destiny moment

Warmind's in-game story.

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