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Rhetiks, Hunter Archon
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Sometime after the Whirlwind


Aftermatch of the Battle of Spider's Palace







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Captured Seja, bringing her back to the Awoken


Rhetiks, Hunter Archon was the Fallen Archon of the House of Hunters. He watched over the Hunters's settlements on Earth and served Sevis Prime until his death after the Battle of Spider's Palace.


Early Life[edit]

Rhetiks was the son of the House's previous Archon and a Baroness named Faltris. He has served as the Archon for Sevis since he was appointed a long time ago after the death of the last Archon, Eskar. Before that, he was only a Vandal and regularly took part in raids on other civilizations that the House had encountered on their travels. During a raid, Eskar personally went with the raiding team and was killed at the end before he could escape.

Becoming an Archon[edit]

Rhetiks was the highest ranking member of the raid group at the time of Eskar's death. Kaephis looked over the high ranking members of his house and could not decide on a new Archon, so he asked Sevis itself what it thought. All it said in reply was '"Rhetiks"'.

Rhetiks was then appointed as the new Archon of the House, and he was no longer aloud to raid. He was never even permitted to leave the Ultra Ketch until the House of Hunters had entered the Solar System and found Earth.

Arrival in Sol[edit]

When the House had arrived in the Solar system they found that the Traveler, the machine that all Fallen had been hunting since the Whirlwind, was above Earth. They hadn't followed it like the other Houses had, and only just came across it some time before the Taken War. With the Ultra Ketch hidden in the outer reaches of the system, Kaephis sent members of his house to each planet in the system.

Rhetiks was sent to Earth with a large contingent of Fallen and they began building bases and spires all over the planet, with the 'main' spire in the Atacama Desert. Rhetiks guarded the main spire himself.

Spire Attack[edit]

Before the Red War, life had been boring for Rhetiks. The only times that weren't boring were the times that Rhetiks went back to the Ultra Ketch, or when Sevis came down to Earth to survey the area. Then right before the outbreak of the Red War, the main spire came under attack by three Guardians.

Rhetiks and his Fallen put up a good defense, but the Guardians shut the defenses down quickly. Rhetiks retreated into the spire when the Guardians left their ships and waited for them on the second level. He waited for a while, but only one Guardian came up, and he gunned her down with four Shock Pistols. He had never encountered Guardians before, so he didn't expect her to get back up and turned around to leave.

When the Guardian stood back up and shot Rhetiks with a Rocket launcher, and he took the blow to his back without suffering any wounds. She fired another rocket at him and caused him to stumble. He teleported away before the Guardian could kill him with her super.

The Guardian continued through the spire and eventually fell unconscious when her light was taken away, and Rhetiks put her unconscious body in a box and personally took it to the Tangled Shore.


"Nothing for you Spider; our cargo is for Azilis"
— Rhetiks to Spider in Thieves' Landing

Previously he had talked to a well known businessman, and slaver, Azilis, Dusk Marauder. He was willing to take the captured Guardian, so they set up a meeting point in Thieves' Landing. However, when Rhetiks made it there he found The Spider and his Associates waiting for them. After a brief discussion, Spider ended up taking the box and Rhetiks ended up getting nothing.

He left the Shore not knowing what to do, so he went back to help clean up and repair after the battle that happened at the spire.

Lord of Thieves[edit]

"Ha ha! You! No spire for you to attack this time. And this time you won't be leaving alive!"
— Rhetiks to John in Spider's Palace

Later a battle happened at Spider's Palace, and word about it had reached Rhetiks from Azilis while it was going on, so he jumped in a Skiff and flew to the palace as fast as he could. Azilis made a deal with Rhetiks, where if he took everything he could and bring it to him, he would get payed a lot of glimmer.

He made sure to take a compliment of Hunters with him to the palace, and they arrived when the battle was finished. No one was inside the palace and there was Glimmer and riches all over the place for them to take.

As they were taking what they could, Spider, two Warlocks and a Fallen showed up at the scene. They took out his guards and soldiers, and killed him as well.

Rise of Legends[edit]

Rise of Legends is a Destiny roleplay server on Discord where the rest of Rhetiks's story takes place.

Winter War[edit]

Years after the events of Fall of Light, Rhetiks had been resurrected after his apparent death at the hands of John Haston using Vex technology. He reappeared alongside the main force of the House of Hunters as they began to move through the Sol System. He went to Venus under the watch of Hezen, Collective Mind and set up multiple bases and outposts across the Ishtar Sink.

Of course the House of Hunters' expansion wasn't accepted by the House of Winter, and they fought back. The unusually large amount of activity on the planet from the Vex and Fallen fighting attracted the attention of both the Guardians and the Awoken. Rhetiks led the Hunters as they destroyed the remnants of the House of Winter, even destroying Wintership Simiks-Fel in The Cinders.

The Guardians' response went unnoticed by Rhetiks as they simply sent scouts, but Rhetiks stepped in when the Awoken arrived. The Awoken's force was small, consisting of just Seja, Gariks, and Wrath-5, but Rhetiks arrived to deal with them. Rhetiks killed Seja multiple times, targeting her as the most important member of the group. Rhetiks was able to overpower the Guardians and cause them to retreat, however it was without learning their goal.

The Plaguelands[edit]

After the conflict on Venus, Rhetiks and the House of Hunters travelled to the Plaguelands under the orders of Kaephis and Aphix, Collective Mind. They scouted the area, looking for SIVA, as well as any defenses that were around the area.

While Rhetiks was patrolling, he discovered he was being followed by Seja. Seja had listened in on a conversation he was having with Kaephis where they were planning an invasion of the Plaguelands, and he ordered his troops to kill her before she could get away with the knowledge of the invasion. Unfortunately for Rhetiks, Wrath had arrived to pull Seja out and she was able to get away.

Seja getting away with the knowledge of their invasion only rushed their plans. Rhetiks sent his forces to scout out the rest of the Plaguelands while he made his underground in search of Site 6.


  • "What are you doing here?" Rhetiks upon seeing Spider in Thieves' Landing
  • "Nothing for you Spider; our cargo is for Azilis." Rhetiks to Spider.
  • "This is the cargo I was bringing to Azilis, you know he will not be happy." Rhetiks before leaving the Shore.
  • "Oh don't go blaming me, blame the Scorn" Rhetiks to Spider when he confronts him after the battle.
  • "Ha ha! You! No spire for you to attack this time. And this time you won't be leaving alive!" Rhetiks when he sees John in Spider's Palace
  • "Spider takes my possessions every day and no one bats an eye, but when I am given a deal to steal his stuff you want to kill me? I don't think so." Rhetiks before the Guardians attack him.
  • "I'm deciding whether or not to shoot you." Rhetiks when he sees Gariks in front of him.
  • "Oh you did it now!" Rhetiks when Gariks slashes his legs.

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