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Gariks is a Fallen Vandal that works closely with Guardians and the Vanguard. During the outbreak of the Scorn on the Tangled Shore, he joined the House of Light.


Post Whirlwind[edit]

Gariks had been born long after the Whirlwind to a family in the House of Kings. He had never seen Riis, only hearing about it in stories from his family and friends, most of which hadn't seen Riis either. He grew up in the Cosmodrome on Earth as a Vandal, hidden away with the rest of his House.

He served as a fighter in his house, defending against any attacks from other Houses of from Guardians. Though he acted like he hated the Guardians to fit in with the other members of his House, he never actually had anything against them. He wouldn't even hurt them, and instead let his fellow fighters go against the Guardians themselves.

Despite doing everything he could to not hurt Guardians, he was good at hiding it. He rose in ranks until he became a Captain around the time Skolas, Kell of Kells attempted to take control of his House.

House of Wolves[edit]

When the House of Wolves first arrived in the Cosmodrome, Gariks and his crew fought against them. They were unaware that the leaders of the House of Kings were in peace talks with the Wolves, and continued to fight. As Gariks made it back to the Rocketyard he discovered that the rest of his people weren't fighting with the Wolves, and he refused to accept the new leadership.

Gariks would have gone so far as completely leaving the House if it wasn't for The Guardian interrupting the negotiations. With the negotiations cut short, the rest of the House of Kings was back to fighting the House of Wolves, and now Gariks had a good reason to not hate the Guardians.

Eventually the Wolves were pushed off of Earth with the unexpected help from the Guardians, and he was able to rest for just a little bit. He had lost his crew to the Wolves, but was able to get a new one after the conflict.

The Taken War[edit]

Months after the conflict with the House of Wolves, a new threat emerged. One far more powerful and relentless. Gariks was with his crew in the Rocketyard when the Taken began to invade Earth. Gariks's crew was quickly overpowered by the unexpected Taken, and Gariks was able to run away to save his own life. The Taken pursued Gariks through the Refinery where he not only had to fight off the new invaders, but the House of Devils as well.

Gariks had locked himself in a building outside of the Devil's Spire and hid from all of the enemy forces. With his communications blocked and his rations low, there was little he could do to survive, and so he simply waited for his eventual death. But his death never came. He was actually accidentally rescued by the very same Guardian that had stopped Skolas months prior.

The Guardian was unaware of Gariks hiding, but they fought through all of the Taken and House of Devils forces outside, leaving a clear path Gariks could use to get back to his home. Once the sounds of fighting outside had stopped, he quickly ran back through the old buildings and back home, only to find his House under attack by the Taken as well. However, this time he wasn't alone, and he was able to assist his House in pushing the Taken away.

Though the conflict with the Taken wouldn't be over for a while, the Taken numbers in the Cosmodrome began to dwindle. Gariks and his House were able to hold off the Taken until their leader was finally killed at the hands of the same Guardian that basically saved Gariks's life twice.

SIVA Crisis[edit]

The months after the Taken were relatively quiet. That was until the House of Devils began digging in the Cosmodrome, and they ran into SIVA. With their new technology, the Devils pushed the Kings out of the Cosmodrome completely. Gariks along with an entirely new crew were forced to leave or they would have been killed by the Devil Splicers.

While most of the House of Kings left for the Reef, Gariks stayed behind at Earth with many House members that would rather fight than leave. Gariks and his crew fought against the Devil Splicers, and did anything they possibly could to get SIVA out of their hands.

Months into the SIVA Crisis, the Guardian that killed Skolas arrived in the Plaguelands to deal with the threat of SIVA themselves. Gariks had been patrolling along with a group of King Barons that were acting as the leaders of the Kings while the Kell was away when they encountered the Guardian. The Guardian engaged them without any second thought as if they were any other Fallen. But rather than fighting back, Gariks chose to run. Sparing the Guardian's life as they had saved his more than once without knowing.

Without Gariks's help, the Barons fell to the Guardian, but not before informing the Kell of Gariks's betrayal and cowardice.


Before the end of the SIVA Crisis, Gariks returned to the rest of his House, admitting to what he had done. The Kell argued with the Archon about whether or not he should be executed. But they knew Gariks was valuable. They chose to dock his lower arms and demote him to a Dreg, sending him to work under another Captain rather than having his own crew.

Due to his now shortened supply of ether, Gariks had stopped growing. At the time he was very large for a Dreg, but he began to grow smaller in size over the months.

Red War[edit]

House of Dusk[edit]

Like most other Fallen, Gariks joined the House of Dusk after the end of the SIVA Crisis and the Devil Splicers. Though it wasn't his choice to join the House of Dusk, there was little he could do to object. His remaining friends and family that hadn't been killed had now looked down on him, so at least joining Dusk allowed him to get away from them for a while.

With the House of Dusk now concentrated in the EDZ rather than the Cosmodrome, Gariks had to leave behind everything he knew. He tried to start conflicts with former House of Devils members for destroying his home, but whenever he did he would be beaten to the point of being almost killed. Either by the former Devils, or by his Captain.


Some time in the early weeks of the Red War, Gariks's crew was sent to scavenge in the EDZ around the Shard of the Traveler. As he was helping move salvage, his crew was attacked by three Lightless Guardians. Gariks hid for the majority of the firefight, but helped fight off his old crew towards to the end.

After the time spent with the Dusk crew he began to resent them. He was also being beaten by his Captain before the Guardians had shown up, which only fuelled his decision to fight against them. He saw these Guardians as his only chance at freedom. Gariks made it clear that he had no intention of harming the other Guardians, and they took him to join their crew. The Guardians that had saved him, Rian, John, and Heft, took him to The Farm, where he remained on Rian's ship.

Rian's Crew[edit]

Gariks's new crew was with Guardians, and believing he owed a personal debt to the Guardians for saving his life three times now, he happily stayed and helped them fight against the Cabal that had attacked The Last City. John and Heft helped Gariks remove his docking caps and let him do whatever he wanted, which excited him after spending so long as a lowly Dreg.

After a while, Gariks realized he had a shortage of Ether, and wouldn't be able to live for very long without a resupply. He and Rian ventured out together while Heft and John ran supplies to the farm. The two came across the site of a battle between the Red Legion and an unknown Fallen House, where they discovered a damaged Servitor. Gariks recovered sturdier armour from the dead Fallen around them, and was able to repair the Servitor.

The Servitor introduced itself as Hegiks and expressed no intent to harm them. The two brought Hegiks back to Rian's ship, and it supplied Gariks with the Ether that he needed to survive.


Gariks is generally very quiet and reserved, usually only speaking to people after they have spoken to him. He never saw the Guardians as the Light thieves that the other Fallen had seen them as, and he was able to make friends with a lot of them.

When he is fighting he is always focused, and usually takes a long distance or stealth approach. He his very good with his modified Wire Rifle, as well as staying quiet and using his cloaking capabilities.


  • Gariks's original name was Garis, which came from a character from the Mass Effect series, Garrus Vakarian. However, his name was changed to Gariks to prevent confusion.
  • Despite being classed as a Vandal, Gariks's armour more closely resembles that of a Captain.