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Deep Stone Crypt







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Red (glowing)

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Titan (Sunbreaker)


Heft-9 is an Exo Guardian who fights for the Vanguard and will do anything for The Last City.


Old Life[edit]

In his old life, Heft was a Human named Dee. He was alive before the Golden Age and when it did he joined with Clovis Bray. During his time with Clovis Bray he joined the Exo program and became an Exo. He was part of a joint operation between Clovis Bray and the Ishtar Collective when the Collapse began, and he was killed there.


Long after the Collapse, Dee was resurrected by a Ghost named Console. Console was being observed by the Vex and he told Dee to get up and run, leading him to a gun. The Vex soon attacked, but Dee was able to hold them off with the few rusted guns he had found around the Ishtar Sink. Once the Vex were dead, Console explained to Dee that he was a Guardian and that he was brought back as a defender of the Light. Dee agreed to follow Console to a ship that he could take to The Last City.

As Dee traveled Venus he chose the name Heft. He eventually came across a few logs about him from his past life, seeing that he was called Dee-7, and he adopted the '-7' at the end of his name, becoming Heft-8.

After wandering Venus, and fighting through Vex and Fallen, he eventually found a working ship and he took it to the City.

The Last City[edit]

When Heft made it back to the last City he was shown what it meant to be a Guardian he went around and introduced himself to the everyone at the Tower, as he was going around he took an interest in the Vanguard and wanted to work for them more. He did a few missions against the Fallen and the Hive in the Cosmodrome before he met a Warlock named John. The two teamed up and did work for the Vanguard, missions, Strikes, they even fought together in the Crucible.

Eventually they decided they wanted a third member for their Fireteam, and they asked around at the Tower. Since Heft was a Titan and John was a Warlock, they were looking for a Hunter. And they did find a Hunter, a young Awoken girl named Seja. She wasn't new to being a Guardian, but she seemed like she was, though she definitely was new to the Tower. From their they stayed a fireteam for years, doing missions for the Vanguard and for whoever needed their help.

House of Hunters[edit]

After they were together for a few years, Seja discovered the existence of the House of Hunters. She took up a great interest in them and devoted her life at the time to knowing all she could about them. John and Heft didn't believe the House of Hunters were that big of an issue, and were focused more on helping out the rest of the system. Seja left them behind and they wouldn't see her for a while as she worked alone.

Before the start of the Red War, Seja was able to convince her old fireteam of the threat the House of Hunters posed when they were first found in the system. They got back together and went on missions against them, even fighting against their Archon, Rhetiks.

Red War[edit]

Heft, John, and Seja were attack a House of Hunters communications spire when the Red War broke out. Heft and John went back to the City to assist in its defense while Seja insisted on focusing on the House of Hunters. The two left her behind and went straight to the City. John dropped Heft off at the Tower and fought against their ships in the sky.

Heft fought valiantly against the Red Legion forces who were attacking the Tower, eventually pushing them back to the city streets below. Heft was still inside the city walls when he lost his light.

After losing his light he became disoriented, he didn't believe anything happened to him, but Console was able to convince him to leave. He left the city walls and found a working sparrow, heading off to the mountains beyond.