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Heft-9 is an Exo Guardian who fights for the Vanguard and will do anything for The Last City.


Old Life[edit]

In his old life, Heft was a Human named Dee. He was alive before the Golden Age and when it did he joined with Clovis Bray. During his time with Clovis Bray he joined the Exo program and became an Exo. He was part of a joint operation between Clovis Bray and the Ishtar Collective when the Collapse began, and he was killed there.


Long after the Collapse, Dee was resurrected by a Ghost named Console. Console was being observed by the Vex and he told Dee to get up and run, leading him to a gun. The Vex soon attacked, but Dee was able to hold them off with the few rusted guns he had found around the Ishtar Sink. Once the Vex were dead, Console explained to Dee that he was a Guardian and that he was brought back as a defender of the Light. Dee agreed to follow Console to a ship that he could take to The Last City.

As Dee traveled Venus he chose the name Heft. He eventually came across a few logs about him from his past life, seeing that he was called Dee-7, and he adopted the '-7' at the end of his name, becoming Heft-8.

After wandering Venus, and fighting through Vex and Fallen, he eventually found a working ship and he took it to the City.

The Last City[edit]

When Heft made it back to the last City he was shown what it meant to be a Guardian he went around and introduced himself to the everyone at the Tower, as he was going around he took an interest in the Vanguard and wanted to work for them more. He did a few missions against the Fallen and the Hive in the Cosmodrome before he met a Warlock named John. The two teamed up and did work for the Vanguard, missions, Strikes, they even fought together in the Crucible.

Eventually they decided they wanted a third member for their Fireteam, and they asked around at the Tower. Since Heft was a Titan and John was a Warlock, they were looking for a Hunter. And they did find a Hunter, a young Awoken girl named Seja. She wasn't new to being a Guardian, but she seemed like she was, though she definitely was new to the Tower. From their they stayed a fireteam for years, doing missions for the Vanguard and for whoever needed their help.

House of Hunters[edit]

After they were together for a few years, Seja discovered the existence of the House of Hunters. She took up a great interest in them and devoted her life at the time to knowing all she could about them. John and Heft didn't believe the House of Hunters were that big of an issue, and were focused more on helping out the rest of the system. Seja left them behind and they wouldn't see her for a while as she worked alone.

Before the start of the Red War, Seja was able to convince her old fireteam of the threat the House of Hunters posed when they were first found in the system. They got back together and went on missions against them, even fighting against their Archon, Rhetiks.

Red War[edit]

Attack on the City[edit]

Heft, John, and Seja were attack a House of Hunters communications spire when the Red War broke out. Heft and John went back to the City to assist in its defense while Seja insisted on focusing on the House of Hunters. The two left her behind and went straight to the City. John dropped Heft off at the Tower and fought against their ships in the sky.

Heft fought valiantly against the Red Legion forces who were attacking the Tower, eventually pushing them back to the city streets below. Heft was still inside the city walls when he lost his light.

After losing his light he became disoriented, he didn't believe anything happened to him, but Console was able to convince him to leave. He left the city walls and found a working sparrow, heading off to the mountains beyond.

Unlikely Ally[edit]

Heft was able to make it to The Farm just outside of the EDZ where he met up with John again. He expressed concern that Seja wasn't with him, and John told him that he had no idea where she was. John was at the farm with another Warlock who had helped him from the Cabal named Rian, and Rian joined with them.

After some time resting at the Farm, the three of them looked to the Shard of the Traveler in the distance, wondering if they could reclaim their Light there, and eventually they set out. In the dark forest around the Shard they encountered Fallen who didn't know what the Lightless Guardians were doing there. The three fought through the Fallen, and were close to the Shard of the Traveller when they ran into a large force of Fallen.

Among the large force was a small Dreg who was being abused by their Captain, but the three Guardians paid little attention to it at first. They sprang into battle, killing the Captains first before engaging the rest of the Fallen around them. The Dreg who was being abused by its Captain suddenly helped the Guardians, attacking other Dregs and Vandals that attempted to sneak up on them, and Rian halted both Heft and John from gunning the Dreg down.

Rian, who was the only one of the group who could speak Eliskni, talked to the Dreg, curious as to why it helped them. The Dreg introduced itself as Gariks and assured the Guardians it had no intent to harm them. For a long time Gariks had been wanting to get away from his Captains, and if it meant siding with these Guardians then he was going to do just that.

Heft, John, and Rian took Gariks with them back to the farm before more Fallen reinforcements could show up, and they had the Dreg wait on Rian's ship in case anyone had planned on gunning him down.

Rian's Crew[edit]

As Heft had lost his ship prior to the invasion of the City, and John had lost his after, the two now used Rian's ship as basically their home, to which Rian had agreed. Rian's ship was large enough for everyone to have their own room, as well as a storage room which Gariks used to live in. The three of them began to run operations against the Red Legion, as well as run supplies to the farm.

While Heft and John were out moving supplies to the farm, Rian and Gariks had acquired a Servitor named Hegiks, who was able to continuously supply Gariks with Ether to keep him alive, and to also allow him to grow. The three Guardians removed his docking caps and welcomed him into the crew as one of their own.

Foundries of Dusk[edit]

As Cabal activity remained stagnant, Heft and the rest of Rian's crew started to grow bored; that was until Gariks informed them of a bunch of factories in the EDZ run by the House of Dusk. Even though the Cabal were the most pressing threat, they realized the House of Dusk couldn't just go unchecked, and they agreed to deal with these factories.

Gariks was able to get the Guardians into the factories by tricking the guards, as he himself was once a member of the House of Dusk. Heft and John were able to quietly sneak in while Rian remained at her ship to give them a quick getaway. Heft and John began to plant bombs all over the facilities until they were spotted, and a firefight broke out.

Being Lightless, the two realized they weren't going to last long. The stayed in cover and held out against the Fallen for as long as they could, until Rian swooped in with her ship and the two transmatted inside. Once they were away, they detonated the bombs and destroyed the House of Dusk's factories.

Reunion with Seja[edit]

After the destruction of the factories, John received a call from Seja, and the three along with Gariks travelled all the way to the Vestian Outpost. While they were there, Gariks acquired a translator from Variks, the Loyal, and Heft and John met with Seja again. Seja let them know that she couldn't join them, and she had become an Awoken Corsair during the chaos of the Red War.

Though he was disappointed he wouldn't be seeing much of his friend anymore, he tried not to show it. After spending a bit more time with Seja, they returned to Rian's ship and left the Reef.

House of Crows and the Damaged Ghost[edit]

As the Guardians returned to Earth they encountered a Ketch with unknown House colours attacking the House of Dusk, and they went in to investigate. As they boarded the Ketch they fought against the forces of this unknown House, and were able to push their forces back to the Ketch's bridge before its jump drives began to power up.

During the fight, Rian was severely wounded, but she was able to call in her ship and get her crew out of the Ketch before it could make its jump. Rian's Ghost had been damaged, and it wasn't able to properly heal her. As Hegiks attempted to keep Rian stable, John brought up that The Spider would be able to help repair the Ghost, and they then travelled to the Tangled Shore.


Heft is incredibly friendly and rarely ever seen upset over anything. He is also very stereotypically Irish, and can be heard using Irish slang terms quite often. As a Titan, Heft enjoys fighting; whether it's Fallen, Hive, Cabal, Vex, or anything really, he'll always be glad to kill them. He also really likes guns, and sometimes collects them to show off.


  • Heft's personality is based off that of an Irish YouTuber/Twitch Streamer known as Dee Bee Geek. As such, his name in his past life was Dee.