Wintership Simiks-Fel

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Wintership Simiks-Fel
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Enemy Factions:

House of Winter

Connecting Areas:

The Cinders

Area Type:


Public Events:


Patrol Beacons:



Wintership Simiks-Fel is a Fallen Ketch located in Ishtar Sink, Venus. It is both the flagship of the Fallen House of Winter and the personal ship of their Kell, Draksis.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • The Ante-chamber before the throne room contains a Pilot Servitor embedded in the upper-left side of the room. It cannot be shot at.
  • The Throne Room, where Draksis, Winter Kell can be found and defeated in the Scourge of Winter Story mission. Another Pilot Servitor can be seen embedded in the upper-right corner of the Throne Room. It cannot be shot at.


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