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Living Gate, Aphix Subjective
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Aphix Subjective
House of Hunters


Axis Mind




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House of Hunters


Torch Hammer


Deploy Vex
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The Living Gate is a powerful Vex that is responsible for the aligning of the Aphix Subjective with the House of Hunters.


Living Gate is a Minotaur that had its entire 'stomach' replaced with a giant Transfer Gate and is capable of summoning Vex out of it whenever it needs to. Living Gate can supply the House of Hunters with seemingly unlimited Vex, and is also capable of fighting on its own. However, Kaephis does not let it leave the Ultra Ketch for fear of it being destroyed, and severing their ties with the Vex.


Living Gate is the second boss of the House of Hunters Raid coming after the Ultra Shank and before Vais, Hunter Splicer. Before the encounter starts players must hold off waves of Vex. After each wave, an Aphix Subjective Gate Technician will spawn along with an escort of Goblins. The Vex will stop spawning after all six players have picked up a void cranium. Each player must shoot at a purple circle surrounding a deactivated Vex gate at the back of the room using the void craniums and once all of the circles have been destroyed, the players will lose their void craniums.

After the void craniums are taken away the gate will activate. Five platforms will appear in front of the gate, and one player must go inside. The gate will take the player to a triangular arena floating in the sky above the Ultra Ketch, and that player will have to defeat four Aphix Subjective Transitioners. Once all of the Transitioners are destroyed, the five platforms will glow yellow and the players outside of the gate will step on each one, bringing the player inside the gate back.

Once all of this is done the gate will rise, and it will pull pieces of metal out of compartments in the arena, forming its arms, legs, and head. Living Gate will then bombard the players with its Torch Hammer until they pick up a shield from a Carrier. Carriers have shields that can only be taken down with sustained fire from either three players or a Time Shield. Once the Carrier's shields are down players can only damage it by shooting it in the mind core, and once it dies it will drop a time shield.

Once each player gets a time shield they have to fire it within 2 seconds of each other or Living Gate will wipe them. Once all of the players have fired, Living Gate will throw its arms and legs back, and the players will shoot it in its mind core. This is repeated until Living Gate is destroyed.

Before the first damage phase, Living Gate will only deploy Goblins. Before the second damage phase it will deploy Hobgoblins. Before the third it will deploy Offensive Harpies. Before the fourth it will deploy Hydras, and if the players take longer than four than it will immediately wipe the players. Living gate will also detain the players every 2 minutes.

List of Appearances[edit]

  • Destiny 2 (First appearance)
  • The House of Hunters