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"Ralkaa, Hunter Captain. He is ruthless, but efficient."
Captain Ralkaa
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Landing Zone F-1


Shrapnel Launcher
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High Durability
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Summon Vex
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Captain Ralkaa is a high ranking member of the House of Hunters. He commands the majority of the Hunter forces in the Sinking City and usually acts on his own as a scout. He serves as the final boss for the Landing Zone F-1 Strike.


Early Life[edit]

Ralkaa was born on Huntership Ardris-Fel about a year after the Whirlwind. He was born a Dreg, and all members of the House of Hunters looked down on him throughout his life.

Ralkaa's parents were killed when Ardris-Fel was raided by another species, and he lived alone until the House of Hunters came upon a system they named Gehfek-212. He acted as a scout in the new system, and he went through perilous conditions for the house, coming out alive after each mission. Soon Kaephis recognized Ralkaa's strength and personally removed Ralkaa's docking caps.

Ralkaa fought valiantly for the House of Hunters, rising through the ranks until he became a Captain with his own crew. He now acts mainly as a scout for the Hunters, though he does occasionally take on offensive missions for them.

A New System[edit]

When the Hunters arrived at Sol, Ralkaa was sent forward as a scout. He was the one who found the Vex on Venus and lead Kaephis to them. After the discovery of the Vex, Ralkaa headed an offensive against the House of Winter in an attempt to clear them from the face of Venus. He won most of his attacks, but Winter was able to push him and his forces back.

After their battles against the House of Winter, the Hunters went to Earth. Ralkaa acted as a scout once again, locating tons of open areas where the Hunters could set up.


During Ralkaa's time on Earth, Kaephis was able to communicate with the Vex and ally with them. Kaephis sent Ralkaa to a place in the remains of Greenland known as the Sinking City, and he spent a long time there figuring out how to unearth a Vex artifact deep underneath the ice.


Ralkaa acts as the final boss for the Landing Zone F-1 Strike, so he is fought at the very end of the strike. He is fought in a large open circular arena filled with landed Skiffs and other various forms of cover such as crates and barricades. Ralkaa will start standing at the opposite end of the arena from where the players enter. And will start bringing in Vex to hold off the players.

Ralkaa will start off with an immunity shield, and it is broken once the player kills a Minotaur, picks up an orb that it drops, and dunks it near one of the landed skiffs. The skiff will take off once the orb is placed and will begin shooting at the players. The players will then destroy its weapons, which disables Ralkaa's shields.

Once the skiff's weapons are destroyed it will fly away. Once his shields are broken, Ralkaa will begin teleporting around the arena and calling in a skiff to support him every few minutes. Each skiff will attack the player until they destroy its weapons, which will cause it to flee. The damage phase lasts until he is at half health, and the same process will be repeated until the second half of his health is down and he is killed. Throughout the fight Ralkaa will also continuously bring in Fallen and Vex to aid him.