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Obsidian Reapers
Obsidian Reapers Legion banner


Unite the Legion under them
Destroy The City and The Traveller
Hunt the Guardians down
Conquer the sol system


Primus Ca'thul
Valus Thorom
Valus Cephrus
Val Khagar
Bracus Zhu'urg
Krazoc, the Demented


The Oblivion
Cerberus Vae III
Fleetbase Korus
Firebase Hades


"We will show the universe what true Cabal might feels like"
Primus Ca'thul to his legion.

The Obsidian Reapers is a Cabal Legion that was created shortly after the death of Ghaul lead by their Primus Ca'thul. They only consist of the best of the best and what they as true Cabal. The legion as so far been working from the shadows, using guerrilla style warfare and assassination to prepare the world for their reveal.


Creation of the Legion[edit]

When the news spread of the death of Ghaul, Ca'thul, who was currently on Mars with his men, wasted no time as he finally saw an opportunity presenting itself in front of him. He thought that the Cabal leaders were unfit to rule, leading the empire the wrong way and forgetting the old imperial ways talked about in the legends of Acrius. Calus was too passive, only caring about his wealth and not enough about expanding the Cabal empire. Ghaul was a great military leader, but is greatest downfall was getting obsessed over the Traveller and not destroying it while he had the change. So Ca'thul took matters in his own hand and together with his loyal friend Thorom he created the Obsidian Reapers. He rallied his fellow soldiers behind him and took control of the land tank Ceberus Vae iii. From there out the new Primus took a part of his legion to capture the Fleetbase Korus on Phobos and while he sent the now Valus Thorom with the rest of the forces to the EDZ to confront the Red Legion at the Firebase Hades, but leaving some behind to guard their new base

The discovery of The Oblivion[edit]

When Ca'thul arrived at the airbase, he expected a large force of Cabal soldiers and ships occupying the moon. Afterall it was the largest orbital defence station in the system before the Taken War, the Red Legion would be foolish if they didn't rebuild the base in order to expand their fleet. But to the Primus surprise Korus was abandoned except for a small company of ex-Skyburners, including the Legionary mechanic Khagar who was the one that approached Ca'thul and spoke fo the rest. The Red Legion was called back from Phobos to help on Earth, but the Cabals that were once part of the Skyburners stayed behind. They have been working on a new kind of warship, The Oblivion, for the Red Legion, only they were not able to finish the ship on time before the guardians killed Ghaul. To Ca'thul surprise Khagar told him that they were willing to give the ship to the Obsidian Reapers if they helped them finish it and were allowed to join the legion. The Primus happily accepted the terms and put his men immediately to work, it only took a week to finish The Oblivion. Ca'thul was so pleased with the result he made the warship his personal flagship, turned it a mobile base of operations and gave Khagar an offer she couldn't refuse. The legionary would be made a Val of the legion if she joined him and the lead engineer of the ship, giving her the command if the Primus personally joined the battle on the ground.

Recruiting the Invaders[edit]

Meanwhile Thorom was on his way to Firebasis Hadis to recruit remnants of the Red Legion and to capture the base. He was hoping to have a peaceful negotiation with the Cabal and take control of the base that way, but he wouldn't hesitate to any kind use force in order to have control of the base, even if that meant fighting his own kind. Tensions got high between the two factions when the Obsidian Reapers arrived at the base, Thorom was just about to give the order to open fire when an Incendior got in between and ordered the Red Legion soldiers to stand down. He introduced himself to the Valus as Zhu'urg, an old Blood Guard and now the acting commander of the base, and that he and his men happily would join them, if he would get his revenge on the revenge on the guardians, got his own squad made up of Cabal of his choice and be on the front line if they ever invade the City. Thorom didn't fully trust the Incendior as there was something off about him, but he accepted his conditions anyway, they needed the firepower and welcomed Zhu'urg to the Obsidian Reapers. The ex-Blood Guard got the rank of Bracus and his own team like promised, which were all soldiers of the Red Legion.

Preparing their reveal[edit]

When Ca'thul got back from Phobos with his new flagship, he got message from Ceberus Vae iii that an unusual large Colossus demanded to speak the Primus himself. The Centurion was intrigued by this act and agreed to the unknown Cabal demand, ordering to send him up to his ship. The Colossus, who would be known as Cephrus, managed to impress Ca'thul, something only a few were able to do. So, in order to find out what Cephrus was made of, the Primus sent him on multiple missions, ranging from securing bases and outposts, recruiting more Cabal to fighting off Fallen, Taken or Vex or anything that might form a threat, all in order to prepare the legion to step out the shadows. And every time Cephrus came out victorious, continuing to impress his new commander and climbing the rank, at the end even becoming a Valus alongside Thorom.

For now, the Obsidian Reapers have been patient, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal their existent to the system.






Other notible members[edit]