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Primus Ca'thul, The Guardian Hunter
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Obsidian Reapers









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Obsidian Reapers


Modified Slug Rifle
Heavy Slug Thrower
Custom Wrist Blade


Elemental Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Quake Attack
Summon Cabal


Ca'thul is the Primus of the Obsidian Reapers, a fairly new Cabal legion risen out of the ashes from The Red Legion. He is a ruthless Centurion who believes the Cabal in the Sol system has forgotten true Cabal mentality and he is the only one who can lead them out of their darkness.


Early Life[edit]

Ca'thul like many others in the Cabal empire grew up with the stories of the legendary emperor Arcrius and the mighty empire he created, so naturally the young Cabal wanted to be part of this and joined the military. He went on many expeditions to conquer alien worlds in the name of the empire and quickly became a well respected centurion and even reached the rank of Bracus. But throughout the years Ca'thul noticed according to him that the Cabal went the wrong way under the leadership of Callus, they have become too passive, their old mentality of war and conquest has forgotten. So when a new campaign aroused the centurion was eager to join in to prove there was still hope of the Cabal.

Arrival in the Sol system[edit]

Ca'thul was part of one of the first legions that were sent out to the solar system, a Val of the Siege Dancers, the elite legion of the scouting army of the Cabal. He and his fellow men had no problem in establishing a foothold on Mars, but soon came to a stall mate when they encountered the Vex. They were slowly pushing the Virgo Prohibition until they also came into contact with the guardians, taking up most of their time and resources to hold them off. He witnessed many have his soldiers die under his command by the hand of the guardians, he made his personal mission to purge the Sol System of these lightbearers and he got good at hunting them. The situation would not improve when the Oryx and his Taken army arrived in the systems and the Skyburners insisted to fight them head on, plus on top of that the House of Wolves attacked them back in Meridian Bay. Ca'thul and his fellow commanders have requested multiple times to the Cabal home world to sing reinforcements, but they stayed unanswered for a long time. Rumours started spreading through the ranks, some think they are forgotten by the empire, others heard news about the coup that overthrew Calus and others still stayed loyal to the emperor. Ca'thul told them it didn't matter right now, they had a mission to carry out and they will succeed no matter what.

Joining The Red Legion[edit]

By the time The Red Legion entered the system Ca'thul was already a well experienced Valus among the ranks of the Siege Dancers with many loyal Cabal soldiers underneath him, ready to follow any order he might give them. It wouldn't be long after the invasion of the City before The Red Legion also came to Mars, it would be Thumos himself that approached the Siege Dancers with an offer to join The Red Legion. Ca'thul of course has heard the stories about Ghual and The Red Legion and he believed that Ghaul might be the leader for him, for his soldiers and for the whole Cabal empire. Even if that meant that the centurion would be demoted to Val, he joined The Red Legion anyway. He would be still one of the commanders responsible for the operations on Mars and with the fresh reinforcements and the new technology of the Red Legion he was able to end the war with the Vex and the Fallen. But during the short time The Red Legion ruled over the Solar System, Ca'thul learned about Ghauls obsession over The Traveller, fearing once again the way the Cabal leadership was heading.

The Rise of The Obsidian Reapers[edit]

Ca'thul was on Mars, Valley of Kings with his squad defending the Cerberus Vae iii against some guardians, who made a desperate attempt to capture the base, when the shockwave of light travelled through the galaxy. Soon the news of Ghauls dead travelled fast of the Cabal comms, eventually reaching Ca'thul and he wasn't really shocked or surprised by it. Despite the chaos that runned through the Red Legion, Ca'thul saw a change, an opportunity to finally take matters in his own hands. He rallied his many loyal men behind him, marking the creation of Obsidian Reapers and together they took control of the landtank. The newly formed legion made his way to Phobos, where they found a new kind of warship, The Oblivion. Ca'thul quickly got a crew together to get the ship working and made it his personal flagship. So far the newly pointed Primus has ordered his men to work as much off the radar, setting up bases on different planets, one of the more notable being the capture of the Firebase Hades in the EDZ. But soon, soon he would make his announcement to the world and they would finally learn to fear the Cabal again.