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Cephrus A'shum
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Cephrus A'shum is a Cabal Colossus loyal to the Obsidian Reapers, and their Primus, Ca'thul.


Early Life[edit]

Cephrus was born on Torobatl and lived a long and prosperous life with the Cabal along with his brother Telg. Cephrus was a natural powerhouse, having an insane amount of strength allowing him to carry the heaviest of objects from any point to another. Cephrus took up the role of a Colossus, carrying a Heavy Slug Thrower everywhere he went. Cephrus and his brother eventually joined Dominus Ghaul in his coup against the Cabal Emperor, Calus, and was a faithful servant of the Red Legion from that point forward.

Red War[edit]

When the Red Legion arrived in Sol and Ghaul set his sights on the Traveler, Cephrus's faith in the Red Legion and Ghaul began to falter. He didn't believe in their campaign to take the Traveler, he never saw it as something worth their time. Both Cephrus and Telg left the Red Legion in their own ways, with Telg simply running, and Cephrus fighting against his once friends.

As Cephrus fled from the Red Legion, he was separated from Telg, and would never see him again from that point forward. For the entire rest of the Red War, Cephrus spent his life alone, travelling from planet to planet and fighting everyone he could find just to keep his sanity. But he also searched for new purpose, he searched for a banner other than that of the Red Legion to fight for.

The Obsidian Reapers[edit]

Cephrus scoured the system searching for a new legion before Ghaul was defeated by the Guardians. He felt the light pass over him, he saw it wash over the system and all throughout the galaxy, and then he heard the news of Ghaul's death. Cephrus really didn't care. He wasn't sad, angry, or happy. The Red Legion was a thing of the past for him.

Cephrus continued to search throughout the system until he came to Mars. He discovered that another legion of Cabal had taken over the Cerberus Vae III and decided to investigate. He found out this new legion was known as the Obsidian Reapers, and he would do his all to fit in. He agreed with their motives, and he learned that the legion's Primus, Ca'thul, didn't care for Ghaul just as he did. And they soon became friends, with Cephrus becoming a Valus within the legion.