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2 Pallas

Star, position:

Sol, Asteroid Belt



544 km






Date of foundation:





2 Pallas is the third largest object in the asteroid belt, after Ceres and 4 Vesta. Following the Collapse, 2 Pallas became the home of a major Awoken settlement.[citation needed]


During the Reef Wars, Paladin Imogen Rife was attacked while en route to the Vestian Web with her Fallen captives Drevis, Wolf Baroness and Kaliks-4, and was forced to take shelter at Pallas. What followed was the Siege of Pallas, a years-long stalemate wherein a House of Wolves fleet under Pirsis, Pallas-Bane cut off the asteroid from the rest of the Reef. Queen Mara Sov could not retaliate with her Harbingers for fear of inadvertently destroying Pallas, Pirsis could not attack for fear of losing the Wolf prisoners on the asteroid, and Paladin Rife could not break through the siege without jeopardizing the lives of its inhabitants when the Wolves counter-attacked.

The situation escalated when Weksis, the Meek led an unsanctioned strike on Pallas, which blasted a hole in the settlement's Athens Hull. Weksis' strike failed and resulted in his capture, and Pirsis' subsequent infiltration of the settlement using Weksis' breach ended with the destruction of Kaliks-4 and the death of Paladin Rife.

The siege was finally broken when Commander Hallam Fen coordinated with the Techeuns and Crows to create a visual illusion of the Harbingers to deceive the Wolves into thinking the Queen had decided to attack anyway. The Wolves fled, Pallas and its people were freed, and Drevis and the other captured Wolves were finally imprisoned at Vesta.[1]


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  • When Pallas was discovered by the German astronomer Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers on 28 March 1802, it was counted as a planet, as were other asteroids in the early 19th century. The discovery of many more asteroids after 1845 eventually led to their reclassification.[2]


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