19 Fortuna

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19 Fortuna

Star, position:

Sol, Asteroid Belt



225 km


~0.006 g

Length of year:

3.81 years


19 Fortuna was an asteroid in the asteroid belt.[citation needed]


During the Reef Wars, 19 Fortuna was the site of the battle known as the Fortuna Plummet. Following the protracted Hildian Campaign, Beltrik, the Veiled of the Fallen House of Wolves had massed his fleet at 19 Fortuna to replenish their ether supplies. Rather than attack Beltrik head-on, Paladin Abra Zire distracted Beltrik's forces with half of her armada while the other half deployed the gravity weapon Carybdis. The asteroid 687 Tinette was captured by Carybdis' beam and thrown into Fortuna. Both asteroids shattered upon impact, and Beltrik's fleet was nearly obliterated and the surviving Wolves including Beltrik were captured and sent to the Queen. The remains of Fortuna and Tinette are occasionally called the Fortuna Plummet, after the battle.[1]


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  • The Hubble Space Telescope observed Fortuna in 1993. It was resolved with an apparent diameter of 0.20 arcseconds (4.5 pixels in the Planetary Camera) and its shape was found to be nearly spherical. Satellites were searched for but none were detected.[2]


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