19 Fortuna

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19 Fortuna

Star, position:

Sol, Asteroid Belt



225 km


~0.006 g

Orbital period:

3.81 years


19 Fortuna was an asteroid in the asteroid belt.[1]


During the Reef Wars, 19 Fortuna was the site of the battle known as the Fortuna Plummet.

Following the protracted Hildian Campaign, the Wolf noble Beltrik left the Hildians to gather Ether from the asteroid 19 Fortuna, positioning the bulk of his forces above the resupply area in order to form a defensive screen against any potential attack from the Armada Paladins. Unbeknownst to Beltrik however, following Bamberga's Wrath, the Reef had constructed a powerful gravity weapon known as "Carybdis", and Abra Zire planned to utilize it together with her experience.[2][3]

Knowing that Beltrik expected Zire to throw her forces against his defensive fleet, she devised a strategy to make him believe she was doing just that, dividing her forces and sending a portion of them to engage Beltrik's screen. While her feint kept his forces contained at Fortuna, Zire then gathered the rest of her fleet at asteroid 687 Tinette, which was making a close pass by Fortuna at the time. With the remainder of her fleet safely hidden within Tinette's shadow, she activated Carybdis.[2][3] The weapon's beam pushed Tinette out of its orbit and sent it hurtling into Fortuna, destroying both asteroids and obliterated Beltrik's host. In the ensuing chaos, Beltrik's shattered and disarrayed forces were quickly neutralized by the full might of Zire's now-recombined fleet and Beltrik himself was captured and taken to Queen Mara Sov.[2][3]


  • The Hubble Space Telescope observed Fortuna in 1993. It was resolved with an apparent diameter of 0.20 arcseconds (4.5 pixels in the Planetary Camera) and its shape was found to be nearly spherical. Satellites were searched for but none were detected.[1]

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