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"We still sense something among the Anankes."
Ananke group
Ananke group.png

Star, position:

Sol, Jupiter



Varies, between 2 and 14 km

Orbital period:

610.45 days (retrograde)


The Ananke group is a collection of seventeen cataloged satellites in an irregular retrograde orbit around Jupiter, ranging in diameter from 14km for the largest body, Ananke, to approximately 2km for the smallest known body, Euporie.

Ananke Group objects[edit]

The group is made up of the following:

  • Core:
    • Ananke
    • Praxidike
    • Harpalike
    • Iocaste
    • Euanthe
    • Thyone
    • Euporie
  • Peripheral:
    • S/2003 J 3
    • S/2003 J 18
    • S/2010 J 2
    • Thelxinoe
    • Helike
    • Orthosie
    • S/2003 J 16
    • Hermippe
    • Mneme
    • S/2003 J 15

In addition to those named above, there are thousands of bodies within the group that are too small to detect, ranging from a few inches to 1.2 km in diameter. Astronomers believe the group was formed when an asteroid (which may have been 28 km originally, extrapolating from the sizes of the other satellites) was captured by Jupiter's immense gravitational field and fragmented due to a collision with another body. The fact that all of the objects cataloged thus far within the group have similar orbital eccentricities, inclinations and semi-major axes further supports this hypothesis.


Mara Sov's Tech Witches hypothesize that the House of Wolves Prime Servitor, Kaliks Prime, may be hiding somewhere within this group of satellites[1] after the conclusion of the Reef Wars.


  • Ananke is also the name of a retrograde irregular moon of Jupiter.
  • The adjective is Anankean.

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