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Kaliks Prime is a Prime Servitor within the House of Wolves, served by Aksor, Archon Priest and previously by Fikrul, the Fanatic.[1][2] It has been missing ever since the Queen of the Reef merged the House into her realm, but some believe it to be hiding among the Ananke group of moons around Jupiter.[3]

In order to replace Kaliks, the Wolves built a Prime out of Servitor parts and scrap, creating Kaliks Reborn.[4]

In Destiny 2 Variks asks about Kaliks to Fikrul after imprisoning him in the Prison of Elders along with Uldren Sov. Variks asks him if he betrayed the last Prime to the Taken and if that is the source of his corrupted ether. Fikrul replies that Kaliks has actually abandoned the Fallen altogether.[citation needed]


  • Fikrul's rebellion against the Great Machine could be the reason why the Prime Servitor left the Fallen.
    • Lore points to Fikrul and Variks plotting to sever and hide the servitor and the servitor vanishing soon after. This plot is probably what made it flee and abandon them. [5]

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