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The Regime


Lubrae is a planet that was once home to a civilization of aliens known as the Lubraean. Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness was the last surviving native of this world.


Lubrae had two suns, a "Sapphiric Sun" which provided light and an "Umbral Sun" which left the face of the planet below in darkness; it is unclear based on Rhulk's transcribed memories whether these were a naturally-occurring binary star pair or something more exotic.

The wilderness of Lubrae was filled with mobile, carnivorous flora, resulting in most wildlife having adapted to camouflage themselves in order to survive and hunt. One animal native to Lubrae was the Yhadt, a small furred creature.

Lubrae's civilization was concentrated in a single city, surrounded by a vast artificial chasm called the Abyss. A narrow bridge spanned the Abyss to connect the city with the outside world.


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Lubrae was home to the Lubraean species, which was also blessed by the Traveler at an unknown time. After the departure of the Traveler the Lubraean government known as The Regime rose to power and militarized their city before engaging in a campaign of extermination against the Wanderers, nomads who rejected the city's ways and Traveler's blessings.

Lubrae was eventually destroyed by Rhulk, a Wanderer indoctrinated into the Regime who grew conflicted and detested both sides of the conflict.

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