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Kaliks-4 was a High Servitor of the House of Wolves that piloted the Ketch of the Wolf noble Drevis, Wolf Baroness. During the Battle of Bamberga's Wrath, the Awoken chased Drevis' Ketch into the path of the asteroid 324 Bamberga, resulting in the ship's destruction and the capture of Drevis and Kaliks-4 by Paladin Imogen Rife. En route to the Vestian Web for imprisonment in the Prison of Elders, Paladin Rife was waylaid by Pirsis, Pallas-Bane and forced to take refuge with her captives at 2 Pallas. After a protracted siege, Pirsis eventually breached Pallas and attempted to free the Wolf prisoners, but was foiled by Paladin Rife, who destroyed Kaliks-4 to deny it to the Wolves before being slain by Pirsis.[1]

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