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Lush was a Hunter and friend of Shiro-4 who lost his Ghost to Taniks, the Scarred and disappeared a year later.


Lush worked with a Hunter crew that included his Shiro-4, Cayde-6, Andal Brask, and Nian Ruo. While their crew was split into two teams to raid different Fallen caches, Lush, Shiro, Cayde, and Nian were ambushed by Taniks, the Scarred and his crew, who had taken on the bounty put on the Hunters by the Fallen Houses. Nian was murdered immediately by Taniks and Lush's Ghost was destroyed as the Hunters fought to escape. The three of them lost the Fallen and returned to their camp, where Lush began grieving and panicking about the death of his Ghost. When Andal arrived they informed him of what had happened and decided to pursue Taniks in revenge.[1] Lush demanded to come along on their hunt, but the others refused to let him join due to his Ghost's death meaning he had one final death left.[2]

A year after their confrontation with Taniks, Lush left on a solo run without informing anyone and was assumed dead after he never returned. Due to his body never being found, Shiro continued to tell stories about Lush, claiming he was still alive having unknown adventures. One tale he told claimed Lush had joined the crew of the Rat King and fought secret wars to protect the Last City.[2]

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