Dusk Warren

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Dusk Warren



Enemy factions:

House of Wolves (formerly)
Devil Splicers (formerly)

Connecting areas:

Temple of Crota
Traitor's Ketch (Destiny, teleporter)


Area type:



The Dusk Warren is a location in Ocean of Storms, Moon. It is a small alcove, connected to the Temple of Crota, with an opening to the outer sky. A Fallen teleporter and assorted supplies are scattered around the area.


In Destiny, the Dusk Warren is only accessible during The Shadow Thief Strike and the alternate ending of the Lost to Light Mission, where the teleporter will bring one to the Traitor's Ketch.

In Destiny 2, the area can be reached in patrol, but goes unnamed. The teleporter is no longer functional. The Nightmare of Taniks, the Scarred makes its last stand here when encountered in its Nightmare Hunt.

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