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July 19, 2017



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About me

Just another fan of Destiny.

Favorite Destiny moment

Being the only person in my clan to finish hard mode Wrath of the Machine.

Worst Destiny moment

Not being able to finish Golgoroth challenge due to a teammate taking the Gaze a second time.

Anything else

I have an odd fascination with named enemies.

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Please don't remove Enemy variants from walkthroughs. They are there because people look to us to provide accurate information about everything in Destiny, and when the game has finished, as posterity.


Hello Apotheon,

I'd like to say welcome to the wiki. I hope you enjoyed your first day here, and it's nice to see a new user like yourself making productive edits to the wiki already, so props to you for that. However, one of your edits regarding the Molten Welder needs verification. Since you have access to the D2 beta and not many other users do, would you consider uploading a picture of the weapon in use by Fallen enemies? I'd imagine that since it's like a Scorch Cannon, it would be used by a Captain, right? Again, all we need is proof, since you got to see it and no one else did. But I'm not going to revert the edit because it'll be cool to see. You're already doing a good job and I hope you keep it up.

Best regards, Primus Draug'oth