Splicership Menkis-Syn

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Splicership Menkis-Syn
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House of Devils

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"Okay I don't know which scares me more; the giant Ketch, or whatever took a bite out of The Wall."

Splicership Menkis-Syn is a location in Old Russia, Earth. It is the Ketch of the Fallen Devil Splicers.


  • The ship's interior is a mirror-image of Wintership Simiks-Fel.
  • Although this location was present in Rise of Iron, it was only accessible through glitching and was never utilized in any activities other than the final stage of A Khvostov Rising Quest.
  • Despite the Splicers having a ketch, it's unknown if the House of Devils have their own ketch or if it was destroyed or dismantled, or this is their only ketch, meaning that the Devils might be less than adequate, when it comes to ships or vehicles.
    • If the Devils had their own ketch, it could be named: Devilship Sepiks-Fel.
  • All major Ketches are named after their Houses' Prime, this ketch is named Menkis-syn.
    • Because of this, its unknown if there is another Devil Prime named Menkis Prime, or it could be like the Orbiks Servitors, where they are servitors from another House, possibly stolen by the Splicers. It is also possible that they are a line of Servitors preceded or succeeded by the Sepiks line, or they could be the Spilcers' line of Servitors, or a failed replacement of Sepiks Prime that the splicers named their ketch after.

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