Riis-Reborn Approach

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Riis-Reborn Approach


Rathmore Chaos, Europa

Enemy factions:


Connecting areas:

Eventide Ruins
Gale's Watch
Kell's Rising
Technocrat's Iron

Area type:



Riis-Reborn Approach is a location within Riis-Reborn that is only accessible through Eventide Ruins. It is a prominent area as it connects to three areas, Kell's Rising, Gale's Watch and Technocrat's Iron. It features heavily in the Beyond Light campaign as players are required to venture into the area to combat the House of Salvation.

The area is occupied by the Fallen who built the city on the remains of Clovis Bray's colony in the Rathmore Chaos region of Europa. Later, the Vex invaded the city of Riis-Reborn and entered a war with them.


Riis-Reborn Approach, Day

Riis-Reborn Approach, Night

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