Teraks, Salvation Elite

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Teraks, Salvation Elite
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House of Salvation





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Born in Darkness


Molten Welder


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Fallen Melee
Ultra Smash


Teraks, Salvation Elite is a Fallen Captain from the House of Salvation encountered in the quest, Born in Darkness Part 3.

Teraks is an Elite commander who can be found in Eternity defending a Crux of Darkness.


Teraks plays a role in the Born in Darkness Part 3 quest given by the Exo Stranger. Players are required to defeat 30 Vex and 30 Fallen on Europa for residual Darkness energy and also defeat 20 enemies with Stasis damage. In the second step, players need to complete 3 Gambit activities with Stasis equipped and get 60 final blows with Stasis.

On completion of these steps, players need to defeat a House Salvation platoon defending a Crux of Darkness in Eternity. There Teraks will be perched top a column with a group of Fallen surrounding him near the Crux.

Teraks is armed with a Molten Welder and will attacks players on sight from a distance. The Captain is also highly durable and capable of unleashing a fatal Ultra Smash of players get too close. After defeating Teraks, players need to meet up with the Exo Stranger in the Concealed Void Lost Sector to trigger a dialogue between her and Ana Bray and then meet up with the Stranger in Beyond to reward them with Coldsnap Grenades.


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