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Thrysiks is a Eliksni Dreg of the House of Light who defected from the House of Salvation.


Thrysiks and his crew arrived on Earth to scavenge for materials. When his crew weren’t looking, Thrysiks used this opportunity to defect. He would be spotted by Devrim and Crow with his hands up and stating that he was defecting from the House of Salvation and sought to join the House of Light. Devrim and Crow would bring him to the Last City. [1] He would join the House of Light and would be greeted by Eido who complimented him for his bravery. [2] He would later talk with Spider and Drifter, with Spider offering him Glimmer in exchange for House Salvation's secrets or spying on them, Thrysiks would refuse much to Spider's frustration. Drifter would lead him away telling him that Eido told him to keep an eye on Spider, and that Eido told him that he was good with kids. Thrysiks stated that he liked hatchlings and Drifter would tell him that he hoped the Hatchlings liked him too. [3]

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