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Oeriks was a Fallen Dreg and the brother of Eoriks and Yriks. He and his siblings travelled to Europa to join the House of Salvation, where he would meet and befriend Namrask.


Oeriks as well as his twin brother Eoriks and sister Yriks were Dregs of the House of Winter, they would travel to Europa to join the newly formed House of Salvation led by Eramis, Kell of Darkness. Despite the promise of a safe haven, the siblings were confined in a small warren and would eventually be joined by Namrask. Oeriks and his siblings treated him with kindness as they knew that he was not strong enough to earn the Ether rations he needed to sustain himself. They attempted to convince him to join Eramis's forces so he could gain the ether he needed. Namrask refused and instead asked them to bring him capes, bandages, prayer matting, armor lining, and other materials so he could prove himself as a Weaver. The siblings would give him the materials he desired as well as broken egg shells for him to eggcloth with. Oeriks and his siblings attempted to copy Namrask's motions, he would order the siblings to give the scrap to a supervising Captain and let them know he would become a Weaver in exchange for food. [1]

Oeriks and his siblings overtime began to fear that due to Europa's harass climate that they would overtime perish to the cold. They would plead with Namrask to find a way off world. Namrask would seek out Variks, the Loyal. Despite his disgust for who Namrask used to be, he would agree to contact Mithrax, Kell of Light to help them. Shortly after the Guardians would arrive after receiving a warning from Variks of the threat Eramis and her House posed. [2] The siblings would help evacuate their people. When they we’re ambushed by a Guardian, Yriks would fire her Shock Pistol to lure the Lightbearer away and flee into the distance with the Guardian giving chase. Oeriks would never see his sister again. [3]

Months later after Eramis was frozen in Stasis and her Dark Council was killed. Oeriks, Eoriks and their group would receive a broadcast from Mithrax, who would tell them that his skiff would be waiting at Asterion Abyss for anyone who sought to join his House of Light. Oeriks and Eoriks would convince Namrask to abandon his loom after reminding him of Yriks sacrifice. Namrask would witness Vex simulations of them all frozen to death, being cooked by the Cabal and being gunned down by Guardians, causing him to tell everyone to flee for the rendezvous point. Just when their help arrived, their ship would be shot down by a Vex laser, leaving them stranded. A member of the group, Turrha was torn apart from the inside by a Goblin which would shoot and kill Oeriks. Eoriks would run to him trying to grasp his Ether cloud leaving his body and would be shot by the Goblin shortly after. [4]

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