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Yriks was a Fallen Dreg and the sister of Eoriks and Oeriks. She and her brothers went to Europa with the promise of safety offered by the House of Salvation, where she later met and befriended Namrask.


Yriks and her two siblings belonged to the House of Winter before they came to Europa with the promise of salvation. Despite this, they were forced into a small warren beneath the ice to die. Sometime later, the three were joined by Namrask, whom they knew was to weak to earn the large Ether ration that he would need to sustain himself. Knowing this, the siblings felt sympathy for him and treated him kindly, whilst encouraging him to go fight for Eramis to gain the Ether he needed. Uninterested in more conflict, Namrask wanted to become a weaver and make bandages, capes, and other essentials for the other Eliksni. Yriks and her brothers eventually caved to his demands; bringing him broken egg shells to fashion into eggcloth, and watching him is he worked. When he was done, Namrask handed the siblings the scrap and told them to give it to the supervising Captain, and to tell them that he would continue working for food and fiber.[1]

After Namrask had declined an offering from Phylaks, the Warrior, to go and fight for the House, Yriks tried to convince him to reconsider the proposal. Namrask remained firm his decision, stating that Eramis would not grant the power of Stasis to everyone, so as to maintain her authority through the ability to grant it. When asked if the Kell had destroyed any Servitors, the Dreg told him of the rumors that she broke one to mark the end of the old ways. The giant Eliksni lamented that distributing more Ether than their people could gain by themselves, but less than they really needed, was "the way of rule;" words which caused Yriks to inquire as to who he really was. Namrask responded by saying—using hollowhot insulation as an analogy—that if she pried too hard, he would be useless.[2]

At an unknown point in time, Yriks lower arms were able to fully regrow.[3] Eventually, she and her brothers began to fear for their lives, due to the conditions of Europa. They all begged Namrask to do something, and eventually convinced him to seek out Variks, the Loyal. Although he would not help them himself, the Scribe promised to send word to Mithrax, Kell of Light. Not long after this, however, Variks called the Guardians to the icy moon, hoping to put an end to Eramis's reign.[4] Yriks, Eoriks and Oeriks would help Namrask to spread the word and begin evacuating their people. One hour after they left, the group was ambushed by a Guardian, hunting for easy prey. Namrask attempted to lure her away from the others, but started to freeze as he huddled against the ice, leaving him vulnerable. Before the Lightbearer could slash him with her Sword, Yriks fired at her with a Shock Pistol to draw her attention, before scurrying away on sixes. The Guardian summoned her Sparrow to chase after her, and Yriks was never seen or heard from again.[3]

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