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Eoriks was a Fallen Dreg and the brother of Yriks and Oeriks. He and his siblings traveled to Europa seeking the safety offered by the House of Salvation, where he later met and befriended Namrask.


Eoriks, as well as his twin brother Oeriks, and sister Yriks, were all Dregs of the House of Winter, before they struck out for Europa and the safe haven promised by Eramis, Kell of Darkness. Despite this, the three were confined to a small warren with little hope of survival, and were joined by Namrask sometime afterward. The siblings were kind to the massive Eliksni, knowing that he too was not strong enough to earn the Ether rations he needed to sustain himself. In spite of their advice to join Eramis's forces so he could gain the Ether he desperately need to stay alive, Namrask declined, instead asking that they bring him materials to make capes, bandages, prayer matting, armor lining and other items, so he could prove himself as weaver. Eoriks and his siblings eventually gave in to his pleas and brought him broken egg shells for him to eggcloth with. The three Dregs watched him as he worked, attempting to replicate his motions. Once he was done, Namrask told them to give the scrap to the supervising Captain, and to let them know he would become a weaver in exchange for food.[1]

As time passed, Eoriks and his brother and sister began to fear that, due to the harsh and freezing climate of Europa, they would soon perish from the cold. The three of them pleaded with their new friend to find them a way off world before it was too late. After listening enough of their pleas, Namrask went and sought out Variks, the Loyal, for his aid. Despite his disdain for the once-Smokesword, the Scribe promised he would contact Mithrax, Kell of Light, who would be willing to help. However, it was only a short time later that the Guardians came to the icy moon after receiving Variks's warnings of the rising threat posed by Eramis and House Salvation.[2] Eoriks, Oeriks and Yriks all helped to spread the word and start evacuating their people before it was too late. One hour after leaving, a Loot-hungry Guardian in search of easy game ambushed the party. Yriks, however, was successful in luring her a way by firing with her Shock Pistol. The Lightbearer mounted her Sparrow to gave chase as the Vandal fled into the distance, never to be seen by the group again.[3]

Months after the deaths of House Salvation's leadership, Eoriks and the group, holed up in a cave, received a broadcast from Mithrax saying that his Skiff would be waiting at Asterion Abyss for any who sought the refuge of the House of Light. As they prepare to leave, Eoriks and Oeriks forced Namrask to abandon his loom, reminding him of Yriks's sacrifice. After peering further into the cave, the weaver witnessed numerous Vex simulations of them all dead—frozen to death, cooked by Cabal and gunned down by Guardians—causing him to panic and tell everyone to flee for the rendezvous point. Just as their help arrived, however, the Skiff was shot down by a Vex laser, leaving them stranded and in the open. Seconds later, Turrha was torn apart from the inside by a teleporting Goblin, which proceeded to shoot and kill Oeriks. As Eoriks rushed to his twin and tried to grasp the Ether cloud leaving his body, the machine opened fired again, ending him too.[4]

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