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Turrha was a Fallen Vandal who fled the House of Salvation alongside Namrask and many other Eliksni when the Guardians came to Europa.


When word spread that Guardians had come to the icy moon, Turrha was among the many Eliksni to leave Riis-Reborn, traveling with Namrask, Yriks, Eoriks, Oeriks and others. Mere hours after departing, however, their party was ambushed by a Lightbearer hunting for game. Namrask called out for capes, and gave Turrha his loom for safekeeping. She protested at first, telling him it was worth to much to give away, but the weaver promised he would return for it once he had driven the Guardian way.[1] After Yriks sacrificed herself to serve as a decoy, Turrha and few other members of the group help to free Namrask, who had been frozen to the ground. The giant Eliksni chastised them escaping while they had the chance, to which the Vandal replied that she had to give him back his loom, as she dropped on his chest.[2]

Months after the fall of House Salvation's leadership, Turrha and the group received a broadcast from Mithrax, Kell of Light, saying that his Skiff would be waiting at Asterion Abyss for any who wished to escape Europa. After fleeing a cave in panic when Namrask witnessed several Vex simulations of them dying, they went straight to the rendezvous point, only to witness the Skiff be shot down. As Namrask reached out to her, a Goblin teleported inside the Vandal's body, tearing it apart and killing her instantly.[3]

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