Ferkis, Salvation's Squall

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Ferkis, Salvation's Squall
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House of Salvation





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Molten Welder


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Guard Cannon


Ferkis, Salvation's Squall is a Fallen Captain of the House of Salvation who regularly spawns in Eventide.

Eventide Rookery Triumph[edit]

Ferkis is a vital enemy in completing the Eventide Rookery Triumph. In order to do this players first need to find Ferkis stationed near the corner of the Fallen lift in Eventide. There Ferkis will proceed to bombard players with Solar charged blasts from its Molten Welder.

Ferkis is a highly durable and will unleash a ultra smash attack if players get too close. Killing Ferkis will then drop a Scorch Cannon which is required to locate the Penguin Souvenir.

Players then need to head towards a entrance outside the Bunker E15 lost sector and locate a piece of ice that has a Penguin covered in frozen ice. By blasting projectiles from the Scorch Cannon and into the ice, players are finally able collect the hidden Penguin.



  • Due to its quick respawn rate, Ferkis is a great Ultra boss farm.
  • Much like Enforcer Brigs, Ferkis can be a nuisance to players attempting to complete various Public Events by attacking them at a distance with its Molten Welder.
  • Ferkis is the second Captain to drop a Scorch Cannon upon death, while carrying a different Weapon. The first would be Jaliks, Fallen Captain.

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