Elenaks, Salvation Elite

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Elenaks, Salvation Elite
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Elenax, Salvation Elite




House of Salvation





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Patrol Europa (The Warrior Quest)


ArcS.png Modified Shock Rifle


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
StasisS.png Stasis Blast


Elenaks, Salvation Elite is a Fallen Captain from the House of Salvation working under the command of Phylaks, the Warrior and plays a important role in drawing her attention.

Elenaks is a Salvation Elite commander who is supported by platoons of Salvation soldiers, such as Highguard Elites and Brigs, while also trying to claim Vex territory for Eramis.


Elenaks features prominently in the Beyond Light main campaign and later reappears as a Quest step for Empire Hunt: The Warrior. Elenaks plays a vital role in helping Guardians find information about the whereabouts of Phylaks.

Players need to first pick up the Warrior quest from Variks and then complete various objectives in Eventide. They then need to travel to Asterion Abyss and trigger a special message saying "A House Salvation platoon is on patrol". Players have to defeat waves of Highguard Elites and Resilient Vandals to draw out Elenaks.

Following the elimination of the platoons, another text appear saying "A high-ranking House Salvation officer has arrived". Players are required to travel a area near the entrance of the Nexus and battle two Brigs.

After successfully defeating the Brigs, Elenaks will spawn out of a Skiff and supported by various Fallen troops such as Servitors, who will guard the commander with a Ether shield. Elenaks is armed with a Shock Rifle and has the ability to use Stasis Projectile blasts if players get too far. However, getting too close will trigger a Ultra Smash from Elenaks. Its high durability is also a issue and requires a lot of firepower to defeat, but necessary to find the location of Phylaks.


Elenaks, Salvation Elite

Highguard Elite


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