Archon Aspirant, House Salvation

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Archon Aspirant, House Salvation
Biographical information




House of Salvation





Combat information


SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher
ArcS.png Modified Shock Rifle
ArcS.png Wire Rifle
StasisS.png Duskfield Grenades


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
StasisS.png Crystal Wave
StasisS.png Stasis Blast


The Archon Aspirants are a class of Captains from the House of Salvation. They are unique for wielding Stasis and aspiring to become Archons.

They are tasked with guarding the field emitters and attempt to halt the Guardians from freeing a trapped allied Skiff that holds important assets that can help the House of Light.


Archon Aspirant will first spawn in when the player tampers with the one of three field emitters. They arrive on Skiffs with Fallen reinforcements consisting of Resilient Dregs, Resilient Vandals, Resilient Tracer Shanks and more. One instance will also spawn in a Brig to fend off the Guardians.

There are three variants of Archon Aspirants with one wielding a Wire Rifle, the others equipped with a Shrapnel Launcher and Shock Rifle. The Aspirants are dangerous for their ability to use Stasis and will use it if the player is at a distance. One Aspirant will pound the ground with Stasis crystals similar to The Warrior, while another will throw Stasis projectiles at the player to trap them similar to The Dark Priestess.

They are highly durable and require immense firepower to defeat.

In the "Eliksni Evacuation" step of the Dark Priestess Empire Hunt, players are required to summon all 3 Archon Aspirants at once and defeat them within 90 seconds. Completion of this will grant them the "Aspiration Denied" triumph.


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