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The Shadows' Legacy Update (also known as Shadows' Legacy) is a free content update for Destiny 2: Paradox that was released January 7th, 2025. The Update features a continuation to the Shadow Collective subplot of Paradox, where Guardians, with the aid of Castris's Criminal Empire, once again, face off against the once-shattered, Shadowkeeper-backed criminal alliance now led by the power-hungry, Fusion-empowered and remaining member of the collective's inner circle, Xavyskaa.

Content Updates[edit]

Manhunt Resurrected[edit]

The Manhunt activity has been reborn! Pursue ruthless and skilled champions by sabotaging their operations and facing off against their lieutenants! Starting this chapter off is Act One of the Manhunt, where players must now work with Castris and her criminal elements to take down the last gasp of defiance in the Underground and make use of their doubtlessly advanced tech and equipment.


  • Shadows' Legacy
  • Naked Soul







  • Weapon Sandbox Improvements
    • The Queenbreaker is buffed. Target acquisition has been reactivated (but is noticeably difficult to achieve) and damage to bosses is slightly increased.
    • Skyburner's Oath is buffed. Improved tracking on Slugs, Anti-Barrier Perk solidified and damage increased by 30%. Catalyst now adds increased reserves and larger blast radius.
    • Rat King is buffed. Recoil is decreased and Fireteam damage is buffed. Invisibility lasts slightly longer.
    • The Wardcliff Coil is buffed. Rocket spread is tighter and deals slightly more damage.
    • Overall Sword Damage rebuffed.
  • Armor Sandbox Improvements
    • Skull of Dire Ahamkara is buffed. Increased super gain, but not nearly enough as it was in its prime.
    • Necrotic Grip is nerfed. Spread and damage is slightly reduced and poison subsides if target isn't killed.
    • Mask of Bakris is nerfed. Teleportation range is reduced and teleportation point is painted.
    • Foetracer is buffed. Increased damage to marked enemies, especially when low health. Bosses and guardians acquire more damage. Can mark multiple enemies.
    • Dunemarchers is buffed. Static charge buff increased and range is increased. Damage drops off the further away a target is.
    • Khepri's Horn is buffed. Solar kills provides health recovery. Solar wave damage generated by the barricade is increased and weakens enemies.


Destiny-GhostConstruct.png This article is a stub. You can help Destinypedia by expanding it.

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