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Recommended Light level:

1330 (Season of Strife)
 ??? (Shadows' Legacy Update)


The Underground
Antumbral Garrison, Oberon
Tangled Shore, Reef
The Blast, Earth
Eventide Ruins, Europa


Fallen - Shadow Collective
Vex - Sol Divisive
Cabal - Red Legion and Neon Wraiths
Ghosts of Nagasaki


Hunt down the dark elites and compromise their forces.

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Manhunts are a group of story-driven, objective based activities originally released with the Season of Strife for Destiny 2 before being released again with the Shadows' Legacy Update. In these activities, players must hunt down and eliminate elite commanders by first investigating their operations by doing various activities and killing their trusted lieutenants to discover their plans, isolate them and, finally, take them out.


Usually granted a tab of their own on the director, players can see the "Target Board", which displays the current Manhunt target and their lieutenants, as well as their last seen locations and their personal enforcers. To reach the Priority Target, players must first kill these lieutenants. First off is to isolate them themselves by first killing their enforcers, which have objectives themselves, either Patrols, Public Events, Lost Sectors, investigating a particular area on the world and/or even just killing a bunch of specific adds. Once the prior objectives are complete, players are free to hunt the Enforcers, who can easily be done solo, whose abilities remain mostly unchanged except with a few additions such as shared abilities or gameplay mechanics. Once all the enforcers are killed, the Lieutenants are now free to hunt. Lieutenants are featured in rather lengthy and more difficult missions, although completion alone is possible with a decent loadout. Lieutenants, on the other hand are mostly unique in terms of gameplay, operating mostly different from that of their basic boss counterpart. Usually, missions featuring Lieutenants provide weapons and armor unique to that activity, which also comes into play when the mission can be replayed again as a matchmake activity. Once the culmination of the Guardians' efforts are complete, the final mission involving the Priority Target finally becomes accessible to all who completed all other targets on the board. These activities are extremely difficult, mainly akin to that of Dungeons, though solo completion is not impossible, yet provide Pinnacle Gear and other high-end rewards such as Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards upon completion (Solo completions are extremely rewarding).


Manhunt Targets[edit]

Season of Strife[edit]

Act 1: The Strategist[edit]

Act 2: The Fallen[edit]

Act 3: The Shattered Tusk[edit]

Shadows' Legacy[edit]

Act 1: The Shadow Heir[edit]

Act 2: The Forever Defiler[edit]

Act 3: Broken Wrath[edit]

Act 4: Surge of Havoc[edit]


Season of Strife:

Shadows' Legacy: