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Thumos, Blood of Phantoms
Biographical information

Other names:

Thumos, the Unbroken (formerly)




Red Legion (formerly)
Neon Wraiths




Centurion (special)



Combat information


Cyan Dawn


Slug Rifle


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Strafe Thrusters
Summon Accipiters
Blade of Judgement
Stasis Cascade
Stasis Barriers
Seething Gale
Prepare Missile Launch


"I once thought myself immortal. I thought myself the best of the best. And I was. And for it, I became Ghaul's chosen. I thought him infallible. I thought him generous. I thought him a god. I was foolish. He was more so. In his hubris, he sealed the fate of the Red Legion. I saw the deaths of all my brothers and sisters in the field of battle. I became weak. I became prey. I became broken. NEVER AGAIN!"
— Thumos recollecting his past.

Thumos, Blood of Phantoms is a powerful, well-trained Cabal Centurion currently serving as a high commander for the Neon Wraiths. Once Thumos, the Unbroken, he once closely served with Dominus Ghaul as the commander of the elite Blood Guard division and helped spearhead the invasion of The Last City during the Red War. However, following the Vanguard's counter-assault with the help of The Guardian, he would be severely wounded in the attack against him for his codes to his ship. However, he would be rescued by Neon Wraith insiders currently scouting the area at the time. After recuperating and healing from his wounds, he would be welcomed into the ranks of the elite Red Legion splinter faction, eventually gaining a position within the Legion's high command. Seeking revenge against his vanquisher, he serves as the second Manhunt target during the Season of Strife.


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