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Neon Wraiths
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Fashion Weaponry and Tech from the Darkness
Subvert the Solar System
Repurpose Hostile Weaponry and Tactics


Dominus Xaruun
Primus Thru'urn
Primus Pro'taul
Bracus Paraquos, the Entrusted


The Indomitable
Fleetbase Artemis
Excavation Site Sigma
Orthrus Vae VI
Cardoon Rapture XIV
Stolas Expiatio V


Cosmodrome, Earth
European Dead Zone, Earth
Arcadian Valley, Nessus
Tangled Shore, Reef
Castalia Macula, Europa


"Ghaul sought a power too weak to jumpstart a broken, dead empire. Which is why he failed. And which is why we will succeed. Seek us out, and you will conceive true power. Then, the Lightbearers will truly know death."
Dominus Xaruun

The Neon Wraiths is a research and development detachment distinguishable by their black armor and cyan painting and lights, with a few bearing an icy appearance thanks to the effects of Stasis. Commanded by former Primus Xaruun, the weapons development group splintered off the Red Legion prior to the Red War to freely conduct research on hostile weaponry and tactics to repurpose for themselves. Following the events of Beyond Light, the Legion would utilize some intercepted House of Salvation tech, comms and abducted engineers and begin researching the Darkness and it's paracausal abilities, eventually developing a means of harnessing Stasis much like their Fallen prisoners. They serve as the main antagonists of the Season of Strife.



"The Red Legion, even with its numerous resources and advanced tech, simply does not allow innovation to flourish. Even if this plan was successful, pride will get in the way of actual progress. It's time we act on our accord. It's time we make a real change for our people. For the better."
— Former Red Legion Primus Xaruun

Before the Red War, the once esteemed Primus of the Red Legion, Xaruun would begin to question the current technological power and standing of his group as well as the potential and inevitable future of his army were they to go through with the plan to harvest the Traveler's Light. Over time, the Primus would begin to rally a bunch of his most loyal followers, trusted lieutenants and most brilliant minds technological and scientific minds before finally splintering off from the legion to form their very own, taking with them a good deal of the fleet, including an experimental planet-cracker ship, The Indomitable. Despite becoming traitors of the Cabal Empire, the Red Legion would ignore the mutiny and would continue with their plan to assault Humanity's Last City. Without the threat of the undoubtedly larger Legion they came from, the Wraiths would finally begin work on new weapons, tactics and vehicle designs in peace, utilizing scrap metal and circuitry from extra weaponry and extraneous Warships and their reserves of vehicles. At the time, such accomplishments included Hoplite, Vilicus, Argonaut and Aestus infantry, the different Scorpius turret variants, Slug Repeater, Excavation Rifle and Drill Launcher weaponry and Imperator dropships.

Rise of Opportunities and the Seizing of Them[edit]

A Shattered Legion[edit]

"Thumos, old friend, it's not like you for this to happen to you."
"Xaruun? Wh-where am I? What... happened to my people?"
"Exactly what I feared, good friend.
— Xaruun conversing to a hospitalized Thumos

As curiously foreseen by the still-Primus Xaruun, the Red War would ensue, resulting in a catastrophic defeat for the Red Legion. Now scattered and headless, many Red Legion soldiers would find themselves under the banner of the Neon Wraiths and would offer up much more of their equipment and ships to help with the cause, including some of Xaruun's former colleagues such as a then-Valus Thru'urn, Kabratos and a recovering Thumos, who was recovered by Xaruun's agents. While the Wraith's forces continued to grow in size and might, it was only after the death of Val Ca'uor when Xaruun took up the mantle of Dominus for the sake of his allies and to possibly unite more of his forces. With more and more deserters joining his cause, and more clever minds filling his ranks, more technologies rolled in including the highly advanced Desolator and Accipiter drones taken from interrogated Fallen engineers. Despite that, they would continue to build their forces around the extraterrestrial planetary moons and dwarf planets such as Callisto, Oberon and Pluto, keeping a close eye on the exploits of the Red Legion remnants and even encouraging much of their actions, such as covertly guiding the Almighty towards the Last City.

Dark Temptations[edit]

"They have finally reared their ugly head. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing is Xaruun's decision. Me? As long as it gets our enemies more at each other's throats, I'm more than happy."
Bracus Paraquos

After the failed attempt to eradicate the Last City with the Almighty, the Neon Wraiths would observe as the Black Fleet would pass them by and begin to root themselves on some of the key planets and moons of the Sol System. Remaining ever vigilant, the Neon Wraiths would continue to remain in the shadows as the Pyramids attempted to commune with the Guardians in spite of Savathûn's interference. While the forces of the Last City were engaged with all matters of Interference, the Neon Wraiths would begin to study more closely the Pyramids, still superstitious of their power. After intercepting communications on the intent of the Pyramids, the many covert research operations of the Neon Wraiths would evacuate and avoid disappearing with the worlds themselves and begin a search for the whereabouts of the disappeared ships in an effort to continue their research on their quaint technologies and powers.

One Empire to Another[edit]

"The Fallen on the moon they call "Europa" seemed have begun weaponizing and utilizing the powers of these Pyramids. Perhaps, if we were to get them to talk, we could learn a thing or two from them. Then we will finally achieve what Ghaul childishly pursued: Godhood."
Primus Pro'taul

Shortly after the disappearance of the worlds, the Neon Wraiths would renew their research with the discovery of the Europan Pyramid and the heightened activity of the Fallen around it. Uncovering the new powers of the rising House of Salvation, many of the Wraith's scientists would attempt to extract as much of the new dark technologies for themselves and abduct many of the House of Salvation's engineers to assist in their weapons development, even recruiting the ambitious Fallen Baron Crataks to their cause at the hesitant behest of Primus Thru'urn. As such, their forces now found Stasis in their arsenal and began to practice it's capabilities extensively in secret.

With the arrival of the Imperial Cabal and the discovery of the loss of their homeworld of Torobatl to the Hive, some Wraiths would run off to the promise of the Rite of Proving in an effort to fight for their Empire. Despite that, many, Xaruun included, would find the defeat at the hand of the Hive as embarrassing and as a troubling omen to the decline of the Cabal as they are now, further cementing their loyalty to the plan of ambitious vengeance against the Last City, fighting now for their own personal glory and for a chance to rally the Cabal behind them.

Season of Strife[edit]

The Initial Invasion[edit]

"Alright troops, listen up! Now we are finally making our move within this Acrius-forsaken system. We are going to establish a foothold on each and every one of these worlds and push back any hostile entrenched there. Remember: push, box, corner, kill. That's how we win. Here's your objectives-"
— Intercepted comms from a Neon Wraith Centurion

Following the Season of the Chosen, now armed with the powers and weaponry of Stasis, Xaruun finally ordered the Wraiths out of the shadows and into war. With all of the factions in a weakened state and the Vanguard still deciding a plan of confrontation with the Pyramids, the Wraiths easily overwhelmed their opponents and laid claim to the various corners of the Solar System and established their strongholds and research operations all over. Although the Legion, with all of it's might, has yet to make their move against the Last City, the Vanguard would organize a plan of counterassault against the Legion, calling all Guardians to do everything in their power to sabotage their operations and take out their leadership, most notable of which was one of the Legion's Primus's who was currently scouting and overseeing most of the Legion's current operations, Primus Pro'taul.

Pro'taul's Tour[edit]

"Pro'taul is a smart boy. He can guess the gravity of his situation. Hopefully, he finds out the answer before he idiotically gets himself killed in the process."
— Dominus Xaruun

Dark, Buried Secrets[edit]

"I gave her the moniker, Entrusted, for a reason. I have no doubt Paraquos will pull through for Project Black Horizons. Even if it costs her her own life. She knows that. But I know she doesn't care. And that's why she is a Bracus."
— Dominus Xaruun

Ploy of the Vengeful Bloodguard[edit]

"Sure, I'm loyal to my good friend and commander, but I don't fight for the Wraiths for honor and glory. I don't fight to finally go home. I fight because I'm going to ensure that, this time, I break someone who broke me."
Thumos, Blood of Phantoms

Wrath of the Shattered Tusk[edit]

"The Guardians keep making us look like fools. Like the Sand Eaters. Time to actually make a difference. Get my team on the line. Tell them simply to get to work. They'll know what I'm talking about. They always do."
Primus Thru'urn

The Long Slow Whisper[edit]

"In my travel to the Crypt, not only did I accomplish evolution as the Fallen did, but I also found a means to cripple Humanity without utterly destroying them. And I'm on my way to see to it myself."
Primus Lho'tam-1

Last Gasp[edit]

"I know you were probably expecting some big old dramatic and climactic battle for the fate of your home with some big old gun pointed straight at your friends. In truth, however, you mistake me for that kind of Cabal and, well, I think we both know I wouldn't survive that. As a matter of fact, I left this message as a gesture of good faith and a reminder that we are allies bound against unconventional enemies... you know who I'm talking about. At first, I thought it, this... power, was our means to return to glory, our chance at seizing vengeance for what you stole from us. It blinded me. I was lucky I realized it before it was too late. I heard the voice behind it and how it encouraged things even I would consider... vile. I will not be a servant to it. But redemption among the Cabal is a very fickle matter as you'll soon learn and Caiatl wouldn't be so enthusiastic about me returning to her ranks and have me killed on the spot. So, I'm going to do the only thing I can do: bring the fight to it. This will probably be the final words you will hear from me and that's fine for the both of us, I presume. War is coming my friend, and your world happens to have the unfortunate fate of being stuck right between the battle lines. I can't explain the gravity of what is to come, so all I can say is, be ready. If, by miracle, I survive, I do hope to see you again. I owe you the battle you deserve."
— Dominus Xaruun's final message to the Guardian before leaving


High Command[edit]

Cerulean Solace Group[edit]

Excavation Battalion Sigma[edit]

Manhunt Targets[edit]

Pro'taul's Lieutenants[edit]

Thumos's Lieutenants[edit]

Thru'urn's Lieutenants[edit]

Additional Members[edit]

Command Structure[edit]

  • War Beast
    • Wraith War Beast - Elite/Major War Beasts belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Modified War Beast - Larger, more resilient War Beasts that can poison a foe for Void damage if the melee connects.
  • Psion
    • Wraith Psion - Elite/Major Psions belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Displacer Psion - Psion variant which, rather than running, will crouch down and teleport to where they want to go.
    • Empowered Psion - Psions armed with Stasis. Can summon a Stasis Crystal underneath a target to launch them into the air, similar to Nova Rupture with the additional capacity to freeze them.
    • Overload Psion
    • Summoner Psion
  • Venator - Psions armed with cloaking tech, silenced weaponry, and the Mortem Sword. Utilizes a Solar ability that sends a spray of semi-explosive flechettes.
    • Wraith Venator - Elite/Major Venators belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Venator Prime - Larger Venator armed with a grapple hook for movement and pulling in targets in their Sword phase.
  • Legionary
    • Wraith Legionary - Elite/Major Legionaries belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Empowered Legionary - Legionaries armed with Stasis. Launches all matter of Stasis Grenades, from Coldsnap Grenades to Duskfield Grenades.
    • Distortion Legionary
    • Overload Legionary
  • Hoplite - New specialist unit that joins Legionary forces. Armed with a sizable, bladed Vambrace-shield. Melee deals more damage and the Vambshield will absorb damage; the Vambshield can be destroyed with concentrated gunfire.
    • Wraith Hoplite - Elite/Major Hoplite belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Hoplite - Larger Hoplite that can place their shield into the ground to create cover for allies. Continues to retain their vambrace shield.
  • Tesserarius - A Cabal combatant with the ability to place down a device that creates an aura that increases the aggressiveness of Cabal allies. Device can be destroyed or will expire.
    • Wraith Tesserarius - Elite/Major Tesserarius belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Tesserarius - Larger Tesserarius that places a similar device now modified with a "Bubble Shield". Bubble Shield works similarly to a Ward of Dawn.
  • Phalanx
    • Wraith Phalanx - Elite/Major Phalanx belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Empowered Phalanx - Phalanxes armed with Stasis. Armed with a sheet of ice as a means of a shield. Can absorb the shield instead to provide itself an overshield before reactivating another sheet of Stasis. Can shatter it's own shield to deal stasis damage to all enemies before them.
    • Barrier Phalanx
    • Protector Phalanx
  • Incendior
    • Wraith Incendior - Elite/Major Incendior belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Empowered Incendior - Incendiors armed with Stasis. Magma Launchers fire a mix of both fire and Stasis that both burn and freeze targets caught in their path. If a target is frozen, the Incendior will close in for a compression blast to shatter them.
    • Unstoppable Incendior
  • Barbarian - Gladiator variant that hones a pair of claws that double as shields. Faster than Gladiators, but less armored and are, therefore, easier to dispatch; will use claw shields as a means to protect themselves.
    • Wraith Barbarian - Elite/Major Barbarian belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
  • Gladiator
    • Wraith Gladiator - Elite/Major Gladiator belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Empowered Gladiator - Gladiators armed with Stasis. Utilizes two Stasis maces instead and will create blasts with every attack. Can unleash these attacks at range through the chained splinters at the tips of the blunt weapons.
    • Bloodthirst Gladiator
    • Unstoppable Gladiator
  • Vilicus - Psions with more armor, utilizes more psionic abilities, including a branching Nova Rupture, a balanced Voltaic Strike and a small volley of Solar Seekers, and can carry heavier weapons such as Magma Launchers and Excavation Rifles.
    • Wraith Vilicus - Elite/Major Vilicus belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
  • Centurion
    • Wraith Centurion - Elite/Major Centurions belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Empowered Centurion - Centurions armed with Stasis. Can bring down a Stasis blade on their opponent to both begin freezing them and encrust themselves in rime armor. Can toss a Stasis turret to support them, dealing more damage than but freezing less than that of a Warlock's Stasis turret.
    • Quartermaster Centurion
  • Optio - Sometimes replaces Centurions, can deploy Accipiter drones (always has two floating around them at all times), and carries an Arc Blade. Rarely packs an Arc shield.
    • Wraith Optio - Elite/Major Optios belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Optio - Larger Optio variant capable of deploying Scorpius turrets as well as Accipiter drones, such as Shielders and can produce more Accipiters to support their allies as much as themselves.
  • Argonaut - Phalanx variant that is more resilient, can fire a missile swarm and carries the Slug Repeater. Melee takes time, but impact is fatal. Speed is similar to a Colossus.
    • Wraith Argonaut - Elite/Major Argonauts belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Argonaut - Larger Argonaut that carries a large Energy Shield that extends for allies to shoot through. Can still move with extended shield. Can also place shields much like a Hoplite.
  • Aestus - More resilient Incendiors that carry Magma Throwers and fire Solar missiles. Magma Malfunction is more volatile and burns for longer.
    • Wraith Aestus - Elite/Major Aesti belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Aestus - Larger Aestus which can launch a vortex of incendiary heat similar to an Incendior's compression blast that deals remarkable damage and drags targets with it. Missiles create an incendiary area of denial.
  • Colossus
    • Wraith Colossus - Elite/Major Colossi belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Empowered Colossus - Colossi armed with Stasis. Backpacks are integrated with a massive splinter that fires off Stasis orbs that hover for a second before creating high-velocity javelins that can sunder a Guardian's health and freeze them instantly or fires normal missiles with a Stasis payload (takes multiple missiles to freeze). Orb attack can be stopped with well-placed shots to destroy the orbs.
    • Barrier Colossus
  • Decanus - A Colossus variant that carries a Flechette Launcher and fires Void Missiles that, upon impact with the ground, becomes mines. Mines deal high damage and disorients targets. The Missiles can be destroyed. Can fire their weapon while on the move.
    • Wraith Decanus - Elite/Major Decanus belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Decanus - Larger Decanus which carries a large arsenal of weaponry (includes Heavy Slug Throwers and Slug Launchers). Can deploy Roller Mines and carries a rapidly-firing Missile Launcher. Carries a countermeasure to explosive weaponry. Countermeasure quarters the damage of explosives.



  • Cabal Severus
  • Frigidor Mace - Splinter-tipped Maces coated in jagged ice and rime utilized by Empowered Gladiators
  • Rendis Gauntlets - Void melee weapon used only by Barbarians, doubles as a shield.
  • Mortem Sword - Melee weapon used by Venators, deals a high-damage Solar attack.
  • Cabal Shield
  • Energy Shield
  • Frag Detonator
  • Slug Rifle
  • Slug Repeater - Solar, drum-fed weapon that fires a fast, powerful, 10-round burst of slugs. Used only by Argonauts.
  • Cabal Slug Shotgun
  • Cabal Headhunter
  • Lightweight Slug Launcher - Arc sniper that's more powerful than a Cabal Headhunter yet has a slower rate of fire. Users act more as a means to pin targets in a particular position.
  • Cabal Magma Launcher
  • Cabal Frost Launcher - Splinter-tipped Magma Launchers utilized by Empowered Incendiors.
  • Excavation Rifle - Hard-hitting, semi-explosive, drum-fed arc assault rifles utilized by some of the most seasoned of the Neon Wraiths. Fires semi-explosive slugs at a slower rate of fire.
  • Projection Rifle
  • Drill Cannon - Void weapon that fires explosive rounds into the ground that burrows, tracks target, re-surfaces, and detonates. The explosive can be interrupted by shooting it in the ground or killing the wielder.
  • Cabal Bronto Cannon
  • Magma Thrower - Flamethrower that fires a continuous stream of burning Solar flame. Used only by an Aestus.
  • Heavy Slug Thrower
  • Cabal Slug Launcher
  • Flechette Launcher - Heavy weapon that fires Void spikes that explode and arcs through the air.


  • Scorpius
    • Magma Scorpius - Scorpius turrets that launches magma at a rate similar to that of the Launcher.
      • Incinerator Scorpius - Heavily modified variations of the Magma Scorpii that launch magma at a similar rate to that of the Throwers. More resilient, can launch magma to a longer distance and sports a durable frontal shield. Bears a weak point in the form of a red, horizontally oriented fuel canister that will cause a violent explosion from the Shank.
    • Sniper Scorpius - Scorpius turrets fit with a Cabal Headhunter. Rounds launch at a higher velocity than that of standard Headhunters.
    • Razorback Scorpius - Scorpius turrets that can launch a barrage of Cluster Missiles at an opponent. Takes some time to fire again, but can fire an impressive amount of missiles at once. Violently explodes when destroyed.
    • Artillery Scorpius - Scorpius turrets equipped with Projection rifles. Deals more damage but fires at a remarkable slower rate. Violently explodes when destroyed.
    • Wraith Scorpius - Elite/Major Scorpii belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Scorpius - Larger Scorpii with slight mobility and increased resilience. Sports a durable frontal shield. Can be crippled with shots to the leg.
  • Accipiter - Miniature levitating drones often found supporting Optios on the field, but can be found individually scouting or in hordes. Equipped with a miniaturized Slug Rifle that deals less damage than a standard Slug Rifle but can make them a considerable enough threat still.
    • Wraith Accipiter - Elite/Major Accipiters belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Shielder Accipiter - Accipiters capable of providing their allies immune shields.
  • Desolator - Massive quadrupedal assault vehicles equipped with all matters of weapons, including a chin-mounted heavy slug thrower, two back-mounted missile racks and two twin Slug Launcher turrets on both sides of the assault vehicle. Can also spool up a powerful Solar beam that can easily rinse enemy opposition. Can deploy Accipiter drones to support it. Can strike an opponent with one of its legs to deal susceptible damage and knock them back.
    • Wraith Desolator - Elite/Major Desolators belonging to the Neon Wraiths.
    • Apex Desolator - Larger Desolator fitted with more formidable weaponry. Can temporarily activate a dome shield to protect itself or a permanent segmented shield to protect themselves from combatants. Can use thrusters as an AoE attack to keep opponents away.


  • Thresher
    • Imperator - Destructible gunship that carries a Heavy Slug Thrower, wing-mounted missiles and can deploy a squad of four troops.
  • Harvester
  • Goliath Tank
    • Howling Banshee Goliath Tank - A more decorated variant of the Goliath Tank.
    • Anti-Air Goliath - Goliath Tanks whose turret is replaced with one that fires semi-explosive slugs at a target. Less resilient compared to other Goliaths.
    • Apex Goliath Tank - Goliath Tank that carries 2 Cannons, has Heavy Slug Throwers on the front, Slug Rifles on the back, fires Solar Missiles that leave a pool of flame upon impact, owns an anti-explosive countermeasure, has a ramming targe, and can deploy Scorpio Turrets. It's weak spots are on its 6 engines.
  • Cabal Warship
  • Cabal Carrier