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Val Shakir
Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Neon Wraiths (currently)


Blood Guard (formerly)
Val (currently)


Empowered Decanus



Combat information


The Earthshaker


Flechette Launcher (phase 1)
Cabal Bronto Cannon (phase 2)
Stasis Fists (phase 3)


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Glacial Quake
Stasis Shield Dome
Stasis Streams
Stasis Fissures
Shield Scorpii Protection
Stasis Armor


"...must I say something? I'm not one for talking. That's the job of my guns or, if it comes to it, when it hopefully comes to it, my fists"
— Val Shakir

Val Shakir is a powerful and infamously resilient bodyguard and brawler, as well as a close friend and trusted subordinate of Thumos. Prior to joining the Neon Wraiths, he gained infamy when he and Thumos personally drove out a human stronghold and survived countless wounds. Following the Red Legion's retreat from the Last City, he continued to curry favor with the Red Legion remnants, even gaining a belief that he once tore apart an entire Fallen Walker column with his bare hands. However, after meeting his, once believed to be dead, commander once again, he would join the Neon Wraiths, reclaiming his position as Thumos's most powerful bodyguard and, in the process, also claimed the power of Stasis.


List of Appearances[edit]