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Uranus' Orbit

Hostile races:

Scorn (As of Season of The Disciple)

Landing zones:

Terraformed Junction
Sabrak's Cavern


"According to Vanguard data on this planet, it was believed the black fleet destroyed Oberon. But Oberon gives me a feeling that there is a lot we don't know. We should figure out what this place has to offer. "
— Ghost


A Strange distress signal emerges from the forgotten moon of Uranus, Oberon. The Guardian is tasked to investigate the distress signal and is surprised to see that a band of friendly Eliksni are hiding out in a cavern after escaping from a hunting party of Fallen. An eliksni captain named Sabraks aids the Guardian in defeating the hunting party and offers his services in exchange for protection from the Guardian. The Guardian agrees to Sabraks offer.


Oberon is a moon of Uranus that was home to the Outreach Colony, A Colony founded during the golden age to establish a megastructure inside of Uranus's core. When the collapse happened, Oberon was left abandoned, and a group of Fallen decided to establish a foothold on the moon. Led by an exiled leader of the House of Devils was Kalviks, Kalviks wanted to use the resources on Oberon to build an empire and unite the fallen. But Kalviks' plans were put on hold when the Vex began attempting to establish a presence on Oberon. The Vex of the Zeta Collective begun building structures on a large scale and terraforming Oberon. When Dominus Ghaul enters Sol to attack the Last City, a fleet of Red Legion soldiers led by Primus Al'gor, set up a Base on the planet and deploy their forces to secure the land surrounding their fortress. Primus Al'gor also has plans of his own to conquer Oberon.

Season of The Disciple[edit]

The Dark Scorn Disciple of The Witness, Felvaraks; arrives on Oberon with his Pyramid ship looming over the horizon to conquer Oberon and convert it for Felvaraks own dark desires. Throughout the season, The Guardian fights the Scorn at every turn in hopes to gain intel on Felvaraks location and destroy him for good.



-Orbital Calamity

  • Board a Cabal Ship bombarding Oberon.

-The Ether Heist

  • Stop the Vex from interfacing with House of Shadows Servitors.

-An Armored Foe

  • Hunt down the dangerous Val Merkus with the assistance of Sabraks.

-Anomalous Signal

  • Track a suspicious signal in the deeper areas of The Outreach Colony.


-Settling Score

  • Help the Drifter defeat an old rival from the dark age.

-Outreach Complex

  • Find the secrets buried deep in the Outreach Complex.

-Helping Hand

  • Disarm a dangerous weapon with the help of Sabraks.

World Quests[edit]



-The Outreach Core

Raid Lairs[edit]

-The Dark Overseer