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Orbital Calamity

An Armored Foe


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Surface of Oberon

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"Val Merkus led a brutal assault against my people, he hunted down my people and massacred them. I want him gone before he can kill anymore eliksni"
— Sabraks

An Armored Foe is a 1550 Light level Strike located on Oberon, The strike involves the Guardian and Sabraks working together to take down an enemy of Sabraks.


  • Locate the cabal commander
  • Get through the warring Red Legion and Vex
  • Open the gate
  • Defeat Seletheon, The Waning Mind
  • Get into the cabal base
  • Power the Cabal Interceptors
  • Use the Interceptors to defeat the Cabal
  • Get to the Cabal Loading Bay
  • Board the cabal carrier
  • Get to the bridge
  • Defeat Val Merkus



  • Legionary
    • Honored Legionary
  • Phalanx
    • Honored Phalanx
    • Loading Bay Security Officer
  • Psion
    • Honored Psion
  • Centurion
    • Honored Centurion
    • Bloodguard Centurion
    • Val Merkus's Lieutenant
  • Colossus
    • Honored Colossus
    • Val Merkus's Lieutenant


  • Goblin
  • Hobgoblin
    • Waning Hobgoblin
  • Harpy
  • Minotaur
    • Waning Minotaur
  • Hydra
    • Waning Hydra
  • Cyclops